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Messages within a Crystal💎

Updated: Mar 14

~Pink Quartz Stone~

Through a pattern, a soft light frequency...the rose quartz speaks.

The message


It is attainable. It is in the literal air. We quartz stones hold the frequency of love. We are a reminder to humanity that love is a frequency. You embody love. Your thoughts hold the knowledge of love. Recorded spiritual knowledge holds wisdom written with love as the guiding force. Without Love how can knowledge hold meaning? Love creates patterns that form on the physical level. You can unlock the wisdom embedded within me as a thought to project the energy of love. Though my form is solid, I am of a vibration that is very light. I represent the path to non-attachment, being present and aware and able to project the frequency of feelings without judgment. Thoughts move smoothly and in freeness carrying the vibration of what they are meant to embody unencumbered by the lower energy that may be permeating the air.

My solid form allows for a permanent focused resonance point.


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