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Mermaid Fin-tuition ~ Time, Balance & Strength

Updated: Feb 29


The first word that comes to mind is


We were placed and are aligned in spaces where we feel we should be, we are settled within the energy that we chose as far as our beliefs, the ways that we want to present ourselves and we are moving forward in the World holding ourselves firmly within the energy that was once deep inside of us as if waiting for the perfect time to rise.

Perhaps we were subconsciously waiting for this moment, and our energy...rising like an uncoiled snake emerged as the kundalini force awakened it. Some may have felt and even anticipated its coming while others softly opened to the energy that was quietly speaking to them in their dreams. Many difficult things have risen during this time causing the ground beneath us to feel rigid and unyielding as if no relief is in sight. We are moving as best as we can as we navigate through these difficult times and in fact we are Spiritually Wired within to meet the challenges that living on Earth may bring although at times some things seem unsurmountable. We settled in energetically speaking and now we are showing the World who we are at our core, our Spiritual Selves are beaming. Darkness or lower energy is revealing itself too. Opposing energies are meeting as if just touching the edges of each other. This feels like old energy, energy from long ago that is rising or meeting again during our current time. We might feel like we are ill equipped or unsure of some things but our spirits have been here for a very long time!

So, we are at this point feeling more stable and grounded yet so much is happening that is the opposite of what we feel. We incarnated here, spreading light and grounded energy through our Spirit body which houses a vast well of knowledge and we are very able to bring the Earth into the harmonic state of what we once termed paradise. We don't even hear many speaking of paradisiac conditions anymore. Atlantis was the first thought that popped into my mind. Not the Atlantis that manifested (as written about)but the Atlantis that was intentioned as encoded within us. Falling into forgetfulness as we incarnated on Earth did play a part as far as lower energy and how it shifts into lighter energy but also it feels as if we are walking through fire to get to the calm. Peace exits on the other side of the storm. We are living through extreme opposites. Within us is the peace and paradise that we seek but we are working through so many lifetimes of built up energy that we may have thought died with the times yet here we are experiencing life in a timeless way. Well, some say the concept of time isn't real. We are living through Gods intention of time, not ours.

Take note of what you feel within, what you hold dear to your heart and assess the energy around you that may feel as if it is unanchored, lower and breaking apart. Calm your mind to align with your Spirit. Take moments of quiet time to do this. Have faith in yourself. Keep moving forward as your strength is renewed through your inner light.

The Third Eye,

As we walk together we assist each other with the Third Eye opening in very gentle ways. This is purposely so. We hold powerful light energy within us. Our Third Eye carries the frequency of it. As the days continue to unfold we will experience the anchored energy that sits within us in many ways...we may experience very vivid dreams, feel compelled to talk or share more as far as our spiritual truths, we might rest/sleep more and feel more refreshed than usual afterwards, we might feel as if we have been bathed in light physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually causing minor aches and pains to subside, we might momentarily feel a slight pressure almost as if we feel our bodies more somehow...we are feeling star portal doors, Third Eye matching another Eye, that of Source. Star Portal Doors can be many things or expressed in many ways. Its like a gentle tap from Source for us to see and feel what was once thought of as hidden on another plane of existence.

So, as still more opens, we stand poised, ready and anchored.


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