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Misty Woodland


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Mermen and Mermaids

Oceanic Oracles and Guardians of the Cosmic Sea Light

The wonders of the enchanted Oceans rest with them, the Mermaids and Mermen. Often invisible as they go about sharing wisdom and knowledge sent from Neptune, the Mer Beings stand beside the Angels assisting humanity to gain Cosmic truths thought lost. They appear in intuitive visions of the Sea bringing to mind the many mythical tales told of them and their Siren Song but what we often don't see is their Cosmic interactions with the Angels and many Others while they share light messages and guidance from among the stars.

Stay tuned for more visions from them on the Fin-tuition Report posted on my blog monthly or when Inspiration hits.

Mer Light,



Cavern of the Werewolf

The Moon's Howl

Beyond their glowing, knowing eyes and howls that echo in the night is the wisdom of the Werewolf just barely hinting of its existence in the mist.

The wolf on fours is the sign of the Werewolf's knowledge as his language trickles to us in whispered sounds on the night breeze when the Moon goes through its phases with just the tiniest pause for a star breath to enter.

Once connected, you feel as if you've entered a Mystical Door that leads you back to your own but the breath of the wolf has spoken and you will forever see the wolf on fours differently as a subtle energy now moves with the human current speaking the wisdom of the animal yet carrying the weight of something more as the Full Moon creates a path of Divine Insights and Cosmic Melodies reflective of the dimension of the Werewolf whose frequency seems to flow to us through the waxing and waning of the Moonlight that is the travel way and Cosmic Window of the Wolf.

Yes, he is just as mysterious and elusive as the fading night casting shadows in every corner but each shadow leads to an answer as clarity takes the place of the dark sparking our thoughts to open and access books of Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge stored in Sacred Codes throughout the Universe.

When guided, I will share what is intuitively given to me on my blog page under the title:

Werewolf Cavern

-Spirit Animal Guardian-


A glowing white coat adorns your body, soft eyes gaze out as you lovingly hold your place among the stars-wolf on fours, coming through the Door with the Angels when I need you as the Tall Wolf blows a Mist.


Wolf Star Companion

ՏօӀíղ'Տ հҽɾҽ..._Said Weston nonchalantly


Faerie Light
Enchanted Star Music

Throughout time, ones have been enchanted by the sights and sounds of the faerie lights, small twinkles and whistles that are divinely sent from the Faerie Realm. Through dreams, visions and literal bell and chime sounds{clairaudience}, the tiny little fairies and Tall Fae connect with us in our dimension with messages, encouragement and more as we discover that they are real.

Stay tuned for new blog posts as they peek through!

VAMPIRE Insta-Story Continued..._His dar


Heralds of Divine Guidance- The Winged Ones

Whenever we are in doubt, they appear. With confidence and light flowing through their eyes, they show themselves to us in visions and dreams.

Many of us have received signs from Angels in many ways reaffirming our belief in them as they help us to hold steady during difficult and trying times. They are with us in everyday situations and prove that nothing is insurmountable.


Look for blog posts where their loving light, heart centered guidance and laughter shines through to reach us.


New posts coming soon under the tag, Angel Sight.

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