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Mythical Story Door

Story Time
A story builds...

Waiting for Hallows' Eve from the other

Werewolves, Angels, Mermen, Mermaids, Faeries, Ghouls and Goblins await.

The Otherworldly Star Door cracks just a bit as the stories of those deemed mythical beasts and strange creatures begins to fall through, slowly tumbling out into our Mortal Realm as my tongue spills with the words seeping from their Secret Portal set ajar just enough for us to hear their whispers mingled with magical mist wafting through our air and set to bring to life the memories of the Other Times.

Witch, Witch. Witch!

Perhaps they are real too says the Magical Misty Wind and I awaken as a glint of light floating through their Door prisms into a thousand colors carrying the sounds of the unicorn's horn and the thoughts of the day breathing dragons who hold the Eye of the Giants slumbering no more.

The Magical Mythical Door settles as it finds its place here among the stories of the Mermaids, Angels and Faeries eventually happening upon the shadowy pathway of the Werewolf.

Stay tuned while the placement and new fantasy stories create themselves on my blog page under the Tag: Mythical Story Door.

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