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This seems like the perfect place to tell you a little bit about Fin-tuition. Written on my blog as a post that I usually try to update each month, it is my way of opening the Mermaid Sea-Curtain as those magical, playful and sometimes whimsical Oceanic Cosmic Beings bring to us ways of seeing the future and offer sea support to help us navigate the sometimes turbulent times that we live in that can feel just like a rocky Ocean but don't worry, the Mermen and Mermaids are great at traversing unsteady energy. In fact, they are experts!


Mer Beings have been here for quite some time and are very Ancient. As Sea and Land Oracles, they can take us on quite the Journey through our intuition as they act as Guides revealing visions of their beautiful fins and scales gliding through the Sea or show their transformed legs as they emerge on shore carrying the enchanted items of Poseidon.

Seashells, glowing golden combs, the energy of magical floating musical notes and more can accompany the Mermaids in visions as they bring their enchantment to land along with the very special sea creatures ~ seals, dolphins, turtles and more who speak their own sea language also!

Fin-tuition is the Guiding Sea Eye of the Mermaids* but many others join their Oceanic Door to speak too from the Faerie Hills, Angelic Starlight Window and Spirit Animal Protector Realm.

Visit me on my blog for all updates to the Fin-tuition Report or check out the Vision/Oracle Card Reading Page which often features the Fin-tuition report and a Mermaid Vision or Oracle Card /reading as One post. 

I'll see you there,

Mer Light

*Though Fin-tuition comes through as a stream of energy intuitively sent by the Mermaids, Mermen speak also.

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