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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Two

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Where did that book come from asked Gabe?

From a very old Star Library in one of the original Cities of Incandescense answered Archangel Michael as Archangel Gabriel looked on in amazement.

The book appeared frayed and torn with several pages seeming fragile enough to crumble to dust until Archangel Michael touched them spinning the pages with light.

Don't ever touch it he replied to Gabe.

Oh. It's one of the books you keep in your vault.

Sort of Michael replied as he flipped to a particular page.

It's on loan from Triton and it only opens when He wants it to.

There is very sensitive information in this book about Mer.

Mer asked Gabe questioningly?

Yes. They don't like being referred to as Mermen and Mermaids. They aren't hybrid or half human half sea beings. They aren't human at all so don't let their appearance fool you if you ever come across one shifted to show legs which might be very soon.

Are they against the Angel Alliance asked Archangel Gabriel now more curious?

Let's just say they meet us somewhere in between and that changes the stakes if Neptune gets involved.

Neptune, God of the Sea!?

Yes and no. Most of what is broadcast is human mythology. On Earth, Poseidon or Neptune as some cultures call him is God of the Sea but he doesn't actually reside in the Sea only.

If he appears for us to speak on behalf of Earth, we meet him at the bottom of the Ocean at one of the old Sea Borders for Mer Escorts to take us to an actual Under Kingdom but Mer Star Doors exist that human mythology knows nothing about. It's connected with Zeus and Mer Guardians walk on Land their rather than undersea or at least it appears that way. There is no way to determine air from water their because of the frequency in the atmosphere. It's nothing like our Angelic Realm and I'm quite sure that magic is used to shift the appearance, magic we have no rules over so even as Angels, we tread lightly there.

But, Neptune hasn't been seen in several Angelic Ages mused Archangel Gabriel. Why the sudden interest now?

Because, the book stirred and opened.

It must mean our stories will cross said Michael. Perhaps one that shifts our two dimensions in some way.

Alert the other Archangels to a change in plans. Shift from the skies to the sea while I search for Triton.

...and meet me in the past where Neptune and Zeus hold Court upon Mount Olympus finished Archangel Michael before shifting for rapid flight, disappearing before Archangel Gabriel could fully respond.

Must be urgent said Archangel Raphael walking up. He hasn't visited Earth past in Ages.

Not that we know of said Gabriel before a star shower curtain descended closing the view of the Angelic Tower....

Stay tuned!


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