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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Three

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

What's in the StarBook!?

Archangel Michael skimmed a few pages of the gifted Mer Book noting that some of the pages had missing words, as if part or whole chapters were missing.

It was possible that Sea God Triton hadn't filled all the enchanted pages in but enough was there for now.

The Sea Sirens

- they were most similar to Witches and extremely powerful when in battle. The height of their magic comes forward and rises similar to the rush of adrenaline of shifting Werewolves when a Siren is angered or experiences an intensity of emotion out of fear. Her Siren Skills rise in energy able to manipulate any body of water as decreed by Neptune who magically embued the Seas to aid all Mer in peril on Worlds of the Mythical Light and Worlds of Mortals.

Mer Younglings

- in the case of Mermaids, youngling denotes youth but not necessarily a child. A Mer Youngling is simply one who hasn't been deemed mature enough to orchestrate their own transition into legs. Most Mer Younglings have the capability to walk above and below Sea but cannot transition with ease except during certain coming of age cycles that automatically transition their flukes into legs for very short periods of time with bursts of natural Sea Gifts and Powers emerging to reveal themselves at the time before temporarily lessening until the Youngling rises in maturity and skill each Mer Initiation Cycle.


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