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Whispers of Atlantis * Part One

Updated: Jul 13, 2019 was just too tempting to pass up.

She could hear their voices and feel their emotions pass her by on currents of the Ocean waves that she could snatch below. It was wrong, she knew, eavesdropping but who wasn't curious about Humans. They lived out in the open with no cover, no dome above their World. They wore material on their bodies and walked in only one form.

It was interesting but she supposed that Humans would feel the same about Mer People.

She too wore clothing but never the skin or fur of an animal nor anything foreign. Her clothing was formed from the enchanted nature of her scales that could shift around any part of her skin giving ancient humans that had encountered them the wrong impression that they were Snake People. Any colors already present in their scales could transform on their softer skin as fins appeared then disappeared leaving behind a thin gossamer like film that became the thread of what they would wear now filled with Shimmery Mermaid Scale Colors that they magically wove around their bodies to form the most beautiful delicate fabric.

If she rose, this she would have to shift or her clothing would stand out but at the break of the Ocean Waves when a Mermaid first rose, her colors dimmed for a short period of time. This was perhaps to thwart earlier attempts by predators and hunters as lifting Mermaids disappered between camouflage and rolling waves but no Mermaids were allowed to rise anymore unless expressly given permission by the Guards.

She had pulled off quite the feat using hidden crumbling tunnels to reach the surface for part of her journey that bypassed many of the Sea Guard Points but eventually it would be discovered and closed. Much of the Old Sea World was left dilapidated and barren to throw off any human explorers that tried to descend the great Ocean depths again in search of sunken buried treasures or lost Worlds brought down by deluge but most things of note were fiercely guarded and already taken into other dimensions to be protected or rebuilt as restoration took place in the Cities of Incandescence. Dimensional Restorations were always timed to take place at certain points that were eventually inserted into human history when the Earth dimension aligned with one of the parallel Realms.

Much happened in the unseen Worlds, much still thought impossible including the existence of Mermaids so for this reason it was imperative for the other races to remain hidden but today... another adventure built as the temptation to see what was above took over.

What could happen she thought? She could mimic their speech. She could steal surface clothing and dim her scale colors for awhile but she couldn't stay above and she wasn't sure what Earth's Sun would do to her. A Mermaid's powers slightly changed on the surface and for the inexperienced, it could be quite unpredictable.

Oh the whims of the young said the Ancient Sea Siren watching Sealana move.

We will allow her to rise for awhile along with the other young ones that will surely follow but at first sign of surface trouble, they return the Head Siren Guard said to one under her charge. The Sirens were prized Guards because of their ability to shift into seafoam and hide undetected by all giving them the advantage until their deadly Siren's Songs could sync and connect with the frequency it needed to use to flow to all it would affect.

Sealana was young and surely her journey thought secret would be joined by other classmates but for now, it would be allowed. Unknown by the very young, a colony did exist on the surface, hidden behind magic that filled the island lands with impenetrable mist, dangerous craggy rocks and enormous sea creatures that patrolled the hidden Castles and the surrounding cottages at all times. No human had ever stepped foot here unless invited but an invitation hadn't gone out in centuries. Times had definitely changed since the end of the period of King Arthur and Atlantis' fake submerging in destruction. Ancient Atlantis was alive and well as well as Lumeria with tunnels leading from the decoy Cities to the real Ones.

It was one of the greatest secrets and greatest mysteries of all that the most Ancient of Angels were privy to.

Besides, who really wanted to see Poseidon or His Son Triton who you would surely meet first. Poseidon was as fearsome as was told but there was much more to His Under Kingdoms vast story and to the love that He showered his daughters and sons with. It was the daughters of Triton's Realm moving now and the Sea Goddesses of Poseidon's Eye guarding the Under Kingdoms Borders.

Oh what trouble could occur or...what adventure!

Stay tuned.


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