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Today's Mer-tude Word

Updated: Apr 1, 2019


You shine!

From your Heart, you radiate pure bliss!

It is undeniable. The God/dess spark in you. It reflects through your eyes and shines through your laughter. It flows without ceasing. Know this truth about yourself. Dip into the well within your heart that overflows with all the things that Source gave us. Fill up from within with the joy that sparks in your eyes and know that when you speak, you are speaking the words of God and Goddess. Feel the confidence that is bubbling up within you and know that it comes from you being grounded.

Hear that sound!


It is your Aura singing as it radiates through colors. Your aura is beautifully speaking in its own unique tone.

See yourself through love's eyes and move into the next coming days light, happy, rejuvenated and lifted.

The Mermaid Sirens say

Our Siren's Song sways through the Sea Waves. It is a steady melody that inspires love. We, the Sirens are here with our Cosmic Ocean Song to help bring back memories of strength, confidence, connection with self and community and we Sing of past times when Man and Earth vibrated more as One.

This truth never leaves our eyes as we send you visions of ourselves and our nature within the Sea often reflecting the colors of the coral and other Ocean life as we blend energy with the fauna and Neptune's thoughts of us as a Creation to reveal similarities that show through our fins and scales. We are here to teach about connection, Cosmic frequency that links you as one with the stars and Earth and to remind you of the soft beauty that is all around by Singing in different frequencies and tones that are in harmony with the melodies and musical sounds of the Universe.

Your heart is the Sound

Mer Light,


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