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Storytime~ Song of Times...Atlantis

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

As the waves rose...

So too did they...

It was the Day of the Mermen and Mermaids. They came to continue the Song of Neptune that was etched on every wave of the Ocean and in fact it was the beginning of the very Ocean. Sea God Neptune was the founder of what we call Sea. His Voice propelled the way for water to enter here on Earth. One single row of Mermaids formed upon the surface of the Ocean, and each Mermaid listened for Neptune's Voice on the waters wave before joining in to repeat the sound of Neptune on their level in a slightly different octave but in an octave that Neptune himself called to be sung. Each intuitive sound sung by the Mermaids opened the way for Neptune's own sound that was buried in the Ocean to spring up and strengthen in force that the mightiness and very purpose of the Ocean could continue on but with a touch of magic! In the darkness of the Ocean the Mermen stood too sending a frequency through the water that pulsed as what might be determined as an undercurrent and unbeknownst to Mortal Man... the Mermen rose out of the Sea with their sound to become Land Walkers ushering the way for the Mermaids to step forward next. This could be thought of as how the Ancient Atlantis of the Mermaids begun. Once upon land, their fins were hidden for a time and the story of such an occurrence written in the Star Book as an accounting would one day be retold.

If a sign in the water among Neptune's Song marked a frequency or tone not balanced, a tone moving upon land among the living...then a Sea Energy was sent forth from the Mermen and Mermaids that blended and bound the Sea and land song together until a balancing occurred again. The Song of the Mermaids initially intended to rise again the Song of Neptune became in this case an echoing of what was already moving upon air now called frequency. This of course is only the Story of Neptune but more moves as Zeus' Sky lights with Neptune's Sea and a dark line of Hades forms. Hades is always around without a word because He comes on the word of others.

But, back to the Story and what is perhaps a retelling of Atlantis as is felt be me.

A Sky was already in existence and an Ocean settled when this rise of the Mermaids occurred. Only the Mermaids were seen in a sense as time and times again moved, and the Mermaids were thought to have returned to the Ocean as legends sometimes say when someone of the Mortal World is granted a bit of knowledge from a Star book, but no one ever spoke of the Mermen. The Mermaids never actually left as a sign of their coming was written in the very Earth and a sign of their return remained. They themselves slipped through the Angelic Celestial Covering to be considered as light...ethereal though they were very much physical and of a cast powerful and strong just like the Faeries and Angels, but we did speak of the Mermen...they never left completely either. Though it is quite rare to see a Merman it is quite possible that you saw a wolf...

Day of the Wolf...

Often Ones are spoken of as walking with a Familiar be it in the Human World or that of the Other side which at times does open to the Mortal Realm. The wolf is one such animal cast in magic as a sign of the Moon's Traveler. Who walks through the Moon you might ask...and glows among the clouds set in darkness while the Mermaids sing.

The Moon dips it's light low just enough to touch the waves as a Door of Neptune opens allowing the Mermen to walk forward touching the land as they meet the eyes of the wolves on four and a calling is set as a birth of sorts takes place of an extraordinary Kind and a kindred bond is formed between the Merman and the wolf as Sea God Neptune allows this different song to take place as the Werewolf makes his Name known among Earth to walk for a Time while the Fin Form awaits below the waves in spirit not to be revealed nor seen again until the day is marked and lit in the Book of Neptune. many wondered, many Others do exist and are here quite literally in Earth's Realm though a dimension away perhaps, but it only takes one song for their presence to be seen or felt as through the glowing eyes of the wolves on four or perhaps through the whispers of the Angels....ask Archangel Gabriel. He isn't at all who he seems.


More to come soon!



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