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Authoress and Mermaid Believer~ Heart Light With a Fin*

Hello and welcome to the home of Mermaid's Door.


I am a New Fantasy Fiction Writer and I'm so happy that you stopped by because it gives me the opportunity to share with you my love of all things, Mer, Mer-maidy, Faerie, and Angelic with a hint of a few different Otherworldlings that pop through my senses!

Here you will find my very first published book entitled RINGS OF ATLANTIS: The Sea Sirens Song. Written in 2016, it is soon to be followed by two other additions to complete a Trilogy.

I look forward to sharing my new stories with you as they come to life! 

Until then...


Take a look around at some of my old posts that feature short fantasy fiction stories, the fin-tuition report that I speak about in detail on its own titled page as well as articles that chronicle my journey with writing and the very normal path it takes along with a few twists, turns and in-betweens that jumpstart my adventure leading me straight to the Cosmic Door of the Mythicals* the Mer Beings, Faeries, Angels and that elusive, mysterious Werewolf who inspires a bit of fear along with curiosity in travelers searching for His misty path shadowed by the Moon. The curtain between our Human Reality and Myth parts just a bit for us to wonder and wander if they may enter;-)!


My first blog story here contains the link to my very much cherished old writing space where a few of the posts will remain up for a while {some are already archived but they may make flash appearances} or you can just click on the picture in my bio below and it will magically take you to my Mermaid Writing Grotto. Happy reading!


Have a wonderful sparkling day!



Cosmic Mer Realm

About Me

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Click on the picture window to be transported in time to the Mermaid past and read some of my old writings.

Hello again,

I'm Tammy,

Your Mermaid Guide.

As you read above, I have a passion for all things Mer and my Journey with writing that is continuing to unfold has been such a fun and exciting one as I dream of new characters and adventures from the Enchanted Realms to share with you in my Fantasy Fiction stories as well as post Mer Insights as intuition guides me.

You can find my writings here(Mermaids Door), on Instagram(Mermaidsdoor/Mermaidheartlight) and on my Facebook Page(Mermaids Door). Each space is energetically entwined and linked to the other as the same Mer Story weaves itself.

Writing gives me the time and space to pause in thoughts as I reflect and share with you the things that come forward from my own heart that is open to the Mer Beings as well as toward the inspiration of the Angels and Others thought more Mythical in nature.


I hope to stay in tune with you as I continue my journey and as we sync as One sharing our thoughts as the World goes round spinning new information toward us.

~Mermaid Reading Nook~

Below are a few of my Blog and Instagram posts. Get cozy and browse a bit!

Reading Nook

 Relax. Settle in. Stay awhile...

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"Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate."


Notebook and Pen


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