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I want to write a book!

I have a story to tell that can fill up many pages!

Thats how it starts but once the idea sets in our hearts, how do we begin!?

Many dream of settling down and taking the time to pen their thoughts but find it difficult once the blank screen or empty book waiting for their thoughts sits in front of them.

How did my Journey start from thoughts of writing to published book?

Well, it was easy and it was difficult at times. The easy part was the desire.

I loved drawing and writing as a young girl but writing seemed to take on a new vibrancy as I became older.

Sharing my writings was fun and I decided to begin blogging for the experience of writing with consistency. I wrote about the different things that came forward like small sparks from my Heart. Things that I was curious about and things that I was passionate about.

It was fun and becam

It was fun and became a favorite hobby but the thought of writing an actual book was still far away. I felt that a book would entail too much to create while writing small posts was so much easier and so began my first thought of how we sabotage ourselves.ut the thought of writing an actual book was still far away. I felt that a book would entail too much to create while writing small posts was so much easier and so began my first thought of how we sabotage ourselves.

I didn't actually know if writing a book was hard or easy. I only assumed that writing a small piece took less time thus it would be easier but the truth is that a story flows once you have thoughts to create it.

Regardless of the size of the material, a natural energy builds for you to create it.

Sometimes we cleverly hide what we want to say and express from our own selves as we try to dress up our words. We begin to focus on how we want our words to sound, how we want our readers to feel when they read them, our most precious and treasured thoughts whether we are lighting the pages of a great fantasy fiction story, telling the truth of our heart from real life details written to encourage and uplift another or sharing funny light hearted passages of things we know others will find just as amusing and heartwarming as we do.

I did just that!

When blogging, I could write all day as things came to mind but the minute I said, I'm going to gather my thoughts to write a book, my mind became overwhelmed with the final result being writers block.

I would sit back in my chair and say, where did all my creative thoughts go? I had ideas for a story and a clear direction of where I wanted my story to go but my thoughts got tangled up!!

Worry. That was part of the problem. I worried that l couldn't do it. This thought was with me before I even settled down to write my book. Blogging gave me the blank space to begin my journey with writing but I had to tell myself to simply trust. Trust what I was feeling about writing. I enjoy writing whether it's fantasy fiction, a personal experience or a piece written for poetry. I was only stalling myself from doing something I truly enjoyed doing by doubting.

Once I told myself, feel what's in your heart and do what you enjoy, the next step was believe, believe in yourself and just keep doing it because I was already writing so consistency would bring to birth the completion of my story as the pure joy of writing began it.

What you believe in, you set your heart on and making time for it is easy because It's something you want to experience.

Trust and belief!

They fill your heart as a writer. Now, time comes in...the time to begin, continue and complete your writing because you feel joy when writing and sharing your beautiful story so its easy to sit down and write.


The in-between!

You're writing, you made time, you love it have pauses. You stop and start. No worries! I do that too.

Do you have a hectic schedule? Is it noisy where you are writing? Are there distractions around, things in and out of your control?


I found that sometimes I distracted myself because that tiny voice of doubt snuck back in. It was hiding in the back of my mind so I kept looking at how many pages I had written thinking, its not enough, I'm too far behind. Behind from what, I don't know. I'm not writing for a publishing company so I have no deadline. I was pressuring myself because I kept counting the pages over and over again so I went back to an old trick, writing in a format other than word...there are no page numbers so I can't make myself crazy. The blogging format was perfect for me because I would simply type parts of my story without publishing it. When I was ready, I would copy and paste what I wrote so I accomplished writing a lot of my story without seeing the word or page count until I added it.

What also comes to mind is having a dedicated space to write with good lighting and seating. You are already dedicated in heart, so feeling comfortable while you write in a space that supports your comfort adds a grounded feeling to your writings. Writing might feel or seem like a hobby to many but if you love it, it can be something that you do with longevity and become a means for income so a personal space that fits your personality and is structured for writing helps us to stay focused and comfortably seated rather than drifting off into other things that might surround us like the TV, radio or a nearby conversation.

So, we are in our hearts and into our stories as we write in our comfortable nooks in our house or at our favorite coffee shops!

Wherever it is, hopefully your Journey is coming to birth as opportunities open for you.

If your scenerio is unfolding in a different way, keep going. Look for the opportunities that open allowing you to write. Save your material even if you aren't sure you want to keep it. Relax and enjoy the process of writing. As time goes on, get to know your personal style and shift as things open.

I published my first fantasy fiction book in 2016 and I'm currently working on two more.

Here's to us loving what we do and completing our stories!


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