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Wisdom of the Werewolf

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The unknown can become known says the Wolf...

In Higher Realms, the Werewolf is a powerful Ethereal Guardian who does indeed look like a wolf standing as a Man on two legs. His size is massive and he is quite the formidable ally or opponent to go up against as he clears away lower energy from Higher Realms which can take on many forms.

The Werewolf Realm doesn't open much nor give many clues about their Solar System or Planets but they do exist on different Levels and are aware of Human Cycles on Earth. To imagine the Ethereal Werewolf, just look up information on the Lyran Feline Race. It is much similar. The fur coat of the Werewolf that I saw intuitively was white and he also shifted into the appearance of a Human letting me know that whichever appearance I was comfortable with, he could use.

Hmm. Shapeshifter. The Ethereal Werewolf is this as he stands in the Shadows of the Cosmic Mist sending the wolf on fours to us as a Spirit Animal Guide and Protector.

My encounter with the Ethereal Werewolf was that of becoming acquainted with a Spirit Guardian similar to an Archangel and on another Cosmic Level, I saw the Archangel Gabriel who led my Journey with the Wolf. Archangel Ariel was also present.

There was a pause in the connection where I saw nothing letting me know that I was witnessing two different Realms and all understanding was not with me. I gained insight on many subconscious questions I had and was gifted an ethereal wolf on fours as a Spirit Animal Protector after a few Journeys during dream time.

What I gleaned is much similar to what we gain from Angelic Support. And that is, seek the Inner Knowledge that is flowing and present stronger than we think within us.

What I learned different from the Cosmic Information of the Werewolf and his Realm was that the flow of information is on a different stream than the Angels so updates and codes are of a different frequency and generally, when we receive them here, the frequency shifts to one more compatible with the Angels as our Angelic Guides/Guardians than pick up where the Werewolf has smoothed the way for us to receive his insight. Its like a transfer of information that the Angels help us to carry thus opening the way for what many different Cosmic Races offer who resemble our Animal Kingdom to us...connections and partnerships with animals as spirit guides/familiars who become transmitters of information themselves.

It's a revolving exchange of information that dips and peeks high and low as we experience lifetimes of highly vibrating Worlds and times of a decline in energy.

The Werewolf opens doors to the past so that we can retrieve information from star lessons learned in other lifetimes and ushers us forward to embrace who we are Spiritually today with an eye toward the future. You could go on an intuitive dream Journey that feels personally connected to your past incarnations for the purpose of learning and releasing or you could connect for the purpose of stepping into your next level that works with the energy you now carry that shifted with Ascension.

Animal Spirits work with a particular level and different energy vibrates at different frequencies giving us access to different levels where we gain or draw in the Angelic Rays that connect with us in many ways through our chakras. The Angels are one Cosmic Door. The Werewolves are another Cosmic Door. The Faeries bring through their Cosmic Eye with specific colors and frequencies that are like markers for their Realm and Mer Beings share their Cosmic Light that is etched in our Ocean Dreams.

Until Next Time,

Doors Await✨


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