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Shadows of the Wolf * Part One

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

His Story is an Ancient One...*

Many still wonder if his kind really exists even among the Mythical Worlds.

He does exist and a star acting as a guiding light for his travels across the Universe shines a light into the Moon. Our Earth Moon is one window.

Some say its the Full Moon that's most potent for his transformation to occur but that's only Earth Legend. Star Legend says something different when he, the Werewolf speaks his truth.

Who is the Wolf!? The Werewolf...

I am forbidden to tell too much but to look into his eyes tells part of the story.

Fierce. Determined. Solitary. Secretive.

These are some words that describe him. Him or her.

The night shadows his Form as his fur seems to blend in with the darkness making it hard to discern his coat's color but it can be a variety of shades as personality seeps through what some call a beast. Their roar alone is something fearsome to hear as it sends a chill in the air calling the wolves on four to attention.

Their eyes reveal nothing but the beast unless they decide to show you the real World of their existence beyond the Shadow Forms that you know.


They change at Will unlike the children's stories that say the Moon must be full. In truth, it isn't actually the Moon that they need to transform though for this story, it serves the purpose as the Jewel of the Werewolf fore its use is mystical.

And never, ever think that you can sneak up on a Wolf...a Werewolf.

To the contrary, his shift into the Werewolf is quite swift and completely controlled. His eyes reveal the flash first...flash of emotions be it anger, revelation or a knowing born of his Wolf Senses.

He changes Form faster than the blink of an eye as his fur simply fades back to reveal the Man and humanlike skin beneath the truth of what he really is. No gross transformation takes place. No tortured screams of an anguished soul seeking release...

Adrenaline, higher intelligence and pure power is what emerges.

If he wants you to know, you will feel it and see it in his eyes. Dark, strong and full of secrets that he will share when the time is right.

If you meet the Wolf, the Werewolf, than the time is right because he comes where he has always been...where the wisdom of his kind as a Guardian is needed and your name has lit up in his Books, the Star Books of Earth and Beyond....

Something moved in the Book's magic pages and you had something to do with it.

Time is involved and the way that the future plays out is writing itself again....

Stay alert! Many Star Doors move now. You can feel it in the Air as the winds mingle.

The Werewolf has his say among the darkness as his Shadow returns for a full revealing.

It speaks with his Ancient Sacred Language now. The Sounds are upon the night wind in the forest as the wolves on four wake up to stand next to him in alliance as he Calls them forward out of their dens.

It is significant and it is time!

Return of the Werewolf


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