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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Ten

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

The Mermaid glided smoothly through the Ocean waves far enough below for her shining scales to not give away her location...

She moved purposefully, intent on reaching a particularly secluded spot on shore.

Standing on land in the distance, a figure could be made out in the darkness. It wasn't quite midnight yet.

Her emerald green scales disappeared, leaving behind a faint outline of her form encased in bubbles. She continued her journey through the Sea, leaping into the air at great height, shifting from Mermaid Seafoam to Solid Human like Form upon shore, Sea Spear in hand. Lowering its frequency, the spear reshaped itself into a smaller size resembling a thin knife that she tucked away into a thick built fastened at her hip.

In a single flash, the Siren Guardian moved from the shore to the place where the Figure stood in the darkness.

I see you haven't lost your edge he said smiling...

You never move this swiftly for me. What trouble brews her lover whispered before reaching out to embrace her with a kiss.

It hasn't been that long but yes, something is a bit off but nothing too bad...

I see.

The Mer Younglings!?

Yes. A few of them have breached the surface... and the Sirens want our help he continued?


Werewolves are the best at patrolling lands she said smiling before filling him in on all the details which she was sure his Wer Scouts had already done...

Devlin, Head Leader of the Werewolf Pack for this Sector had been watching Mer Younglings and the Sea Sirens that watch over them rise from the Oceans for Centuries, unseen by Mortal Man.

Rainia, his Mer Love had been by his side through many of the upheavals of the past when a group of Werewolves, held captive by the human government and amnesiac were used for profit and war that ravaged many innocent humans until finally after much bloodshed and lost on both sides, they broke free, cured with an antidote for the drug given to them that caused the mindless Wolf Man that humans feared to come to life.

Still bitter, many Werewolves chose to remain secret in the human World during the time when they won their right to walk free.

Joining the Mer People, they slipped into the Other-Realm loosely walking between both Worlds.

Now, not much occurred at least that humans knew about that spilled between the Borders of Mortals and Otherworldly's but the younglings of both the Mermaids and the Werewolves were becoming a challenge to that let alone the grumblings of the Vampires who felt they got the worst end of the stick of all of them, relegated to stories of wasting away in coffins until someone holding the fate to their next breath freed them.

No one held their fate but them and never would anyone find a Vampire or Vampiress' Coffin. It would mean certain death to the would stepping into the Den Fortress of a Werewolf thus all of the continued stories of cursed Wolf Men and blood sucking Vampires.

The Angels would allow nothing different for now but...

Today, a few Mer Younglings roamed the Surface supposedly unattended while the Sea and Land Guardians did their job.

What could go wrong this Century?

Stay tuned...!


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