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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Six

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

...just a little longer whispered Sealana to the sea turtles in a soft tone. She caused the air to gently stir around their shell carrying the vibration of a turtle song created long ago to accompany their trek to shore.

This led the sea turtles straight toward the boat envisioning its deck as the coziest nesting place.

The humans onboard all flocked to the side of the boat where the sea turtles could be seen giving Sealana the perfect chance to slip on. She hadn't even shifted into feet yet but her fin was most useful as leaping could be done with great precision unlike the unpredictablity of her soon to be legs. Movement above surface was different also for Mermaids. They hovered and moved with great speed often able to stand before a human before they even blinked but with legs, they were much slower without practice though permission and Sea Gifts had something to do with it all.

It wasn't long at all before Sealana had what she came for and it would have been a success had she not dropped an item...startled by who was standing behind her...

What are you doing here!?

We want an adventure too!!

We promise to behave and we won't tell if you let us stay...the two little ones begged as one of Sealana's best friends stood helplessly behind them.

Come now she whispered. You can remain but you have to stay close to me Melody said rolling her eyes as she reached out for her little brother and sister.

She followed Sealana...just to watch over her she said and they followed her. By the time she realized it, they were too far through the secret tunnels and sure to tell if they were sent back.

At only five and nine years old, they were quite swift they thought to keep up with their older sister who never would have let them tag along.

The surface is forbidden she always said before sneaking off on some grand adventure. Well, they wouldn't be left out this time

The rest of them are just below. Hurry Sealana! We have to form a plan because the little urchins refused to turn back! We can return later.

Just as they were about to leave one of the humans seen on deck appeared on the side they were using to lower back into the water.

Sealana showed a helplessness in her eyes before the human's eyes went blank.

She thought for sure that he would yell to the others but he only stood still with an empty look on his face than Sealana realized why. Corianna was singing a Siren Song.

The small mer child had become so frightened that the Sea Protection song emerged without her being able to control it.

Thank Neptune Melody said snatching Sealana below.

He'll be Ok. It will wear off as soon as we are distant enough and can calm Corianna down. He won't remember anything...maybe she paused...I'm not sure with children...

Stay tuned!

Adolescent Mermaids.


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