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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Nine

So, how did Cori get pulled into all this!?

Melody paced back in forth in front of the now innocently sitting mer younglings who looked like picture perfect mer angels. With the sternest face she could muster, she grilled each one of them though at their age, she would have tried the same thing if she thought she could get away with it. Her sea mischief didn't begin until she was much older and it always included the company of Sealana though this particular adventure Sealana chose to keep to herself for some reason.

So, you had to bring Cori along because you're all supposed to be babysitting her at the grotto playground?

Yes said Shelly obviously trying to cover for the whole group before Loch, Melody's little brother chimed in then their was a rush of all the little mer younglings talking at once except for Corriana who was stuck between adding her voice to everyone else's and playing with throw covers hanging over the lounge chairs. Before it was all over, she was fast asleep which was good because then she wouldn't fret over hunger.

So, my Mom and Dad will eventually wonder why rambunctious younglings aren't running back and forth between the play grotto and Kelp forest for snacks, making all sorts of noise and they're gonna call for me to check on them...

With an exaggerated wail, Melody fell back on the closest chair feigning a meltdown while Sealana again assessed all that she hadn't considered.

Hmm. I'll never leave you out of a plan again Sealana said with sincerity in her eyes. I just didn't want you to get involved until I was sure that I could pull it off.

Well, I would say its a success said Shelly standing beside Loch, smiles on both their faces. And we can go back and get fish to eat! Brilliant added Loch!

It is brilliant said Melody. We aren't actually that far from the Ocean. It just feels way longer on tired legs. We can go back and hunt for fish,clams or even lobster but nothing taste the same as the food back home except for the cakes my sister claimed said Melody trying to remember all that she could about surface travels that the older Mermaids whispered about.

I know said Sealana but I'll take anything right now!

Great because we snatched a few berries along the way but we didn't tell you because we thought you would get mad.

Shelly, some things aren't edible for us so don't eat anything until we look at it. Did Cori eat any of it? Maybe. I have it stashed in my pouch.

OK. Put them in the cool box until we come back.

I'll go out fishing because I got us all in this predicament.

Before Sealana could finish the rest of the mer younglings were up begging to go. This was the greatest adventure and they weren't missing out on any part.

I'll stay with Cori but Loch, listen to her and don't stray. And don't blow Triton's Conch shell.

I promise, I won't he said running toward the door as if he'd always had legs.

Triton's Conch shell was only a toy so Melody's Dad said but whenever Loch needed help and blew through it, strange things seemed to happen and her Dad always seemed to immediately appear. He was into Sea Gadgets and considered one of the best scientist in their Under Kingdom. Keep an eye on his Conch whispered Melody carrying Cori upstairs. He loves that shell but it might alert my Father that we are on the surface.

Ok Sealana promised disappearing through the door before the younglings got too far ahead of her. Her legs felt better after resting but being in the energy of one of the enchanted gems couldn't have hurt either...

Stay tuned...!


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