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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Four

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

...As she inched closer to the surface, anticipation building with each push of her fin, she could feel the surface air already constricting around her skin. It felt unnatural, almost as if her own body was trying to hold her prisoner. Sealana wasn't use to this feeling. Underwater in her own Realm, her skin and scales felt so light even when she shifted to produce her natural clothing.

Her skin wasn't translucent as some human writings spoke of but her cells were different from humans. She supposed that it was simply different because the transition between her scales and skin had to be a perfect balance or it could be painful altering between two forms. She had only experienced legs a few times and even then it was restricted to Underwater. Walking with legs above Sea was completely different. Underwater, Mer legs were accompanied by small fins or patterns of scales that were considered beauty marks. Water Legs were almost as strong as fins because the Mer anatomy was still connected underneath but above Sea the human structure took over as the skeletal system temporarily held precedence over all movements as the Mer fin sat dormant and surpressed. If a Mermaid tried to remain on the surface for a long period of time, it would be torturous as her fin and emerging human anatomy fought against each other for dominance. She would have to return or experience a decline in health likened to death because Mer People were not meant to exist separate from the Sea.

The great Sea Cities of Mer hidden above water on several connected isles were made with Mermen and Mermaids longevity in mind. Each Isle was surrounded by the Under Kingdom's Waters so that a constant shower occurred infusing the Mer People's skin even when they appeared dry. Small channels created of the Under Kingdoms Atlantean minerals embedded itself in surface rocks successfully hiding its true appearance. The channels would go undetected by the human eye as the natural surface coral, kelp and rock foundations spiraled around them forming the most beautiful formations that appeared to be native to the islands and construction that sprung up over time.

A bit of Sea Magic was used that a light misting would occur daily that could feed the youngest of the Mer Children to display strength beyond what was thought possible by humans. On the surface in the Isles of Mer, much wasn't required as far as food because of the energizing affects of the lifted waters but food and drinks were enjoyed with many banquets being held in honor of the Mer traditions celebrated each Sea Cycle.

Sealana, still a Mer Youngling knew nothing of this part of her people's heritage yet.

Traversing the Ocean waves came with a little more resistance now as Sealana struggled to acclimate to the surface air. The sparkling colors of her fluke and fin was beginning to show signs of fading so she knew she was very close to shore. The shoreline that she used to rise had to be chosen carefully or one of the Mer Guardians might spot her. It had to be discreet and isolated but close enough to reach one of the human towns she so desired to experience.

The laughter, the foods, the smells and odd noises...all of it seemed interesting though many older Mer didn't quite think so.

What about clothing she mused? Perhaps the dulling of her scale colors would do the trick for awhile. She couldn't produce human silks but her own Sea dyed material would have to do until she found surface clothing or else she would have to walk naked.

She'd come too far to worry now and the perfect opportunity sat right before her as she lifted her head above Sea.

A boat.

She could already hear music coming from it as the occupants tethered the boat in the far distance. A short swim further and she'd be there though she would remain under until full night before attempting to sneak aboard.

She only needed a few articles of clothing though the desire to linger and explore the vessel hung in the back of her mind.

It was a must she said to herself already devising a plan to pack as much as she could into her one short visit above shore though if it proved successful, she would surely return...

Stay tuned as Sealana makes a path for her surface Journey.


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