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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Five


Sealana swam in a wide circle around the boat before settling near a group of boulders. How cliche she thought as the humorous picture of a Mermaid sunbathing and combing her hair on a large rock came to mind. How ridiculous she thought. No Mermaid uses her hands to do their hair. Enchanted seashells prove very decorative and resourceful as they weave the most beautiful styles on their own in and out of the water.


as far as the surface Sun, it was forbidden to lay beneath it or spend any long period of time caught in its rays other than to capture a bit of its essence for study and only the upper graduates could practice such Sun/Moon Sea Spells. Sealana had yet to discover exactly what the Earth Sun could do to Mer People but she would soon find out though she mostly planned to travel by the Sea Setting times written as safe for Mer which meant late night to early morning. The shift to night on the surface opened certain dimensional doors for Mer so she'd have to be very careful with the items that she carried or else she could end up in a different time period stuck searching for another Sea Doorway Portal that were few to nonexistent at her level. She couldn't actually hold one open but she could get sucked into one!

For now, Sealana circled the same small channel of water out of the sight of the boat and the people on it, gently humming a sea song she'd learned as a child. Part nervous, part excited, she hummed slowly as the waters reacted to her sound slightly lighting up with each tune. She wasn't known to be a Siren yet but most Mermaids were gifted certain melodies for safety that could magically enchant any body of water temporarily though a Sirens Song was much more potent and deadly at times she'd heard.

Leaning against soft sand and rock just beneath the Ocean waves, Sealana snacked on the last of her food and just in time. Their food crumbled to dust after a short period of time above. It seemed that nothing from her Underwater Kingdom left a lasting mark that could be traced back. The small snack did nothing to satisfy her. She was famished unlike on the Isle of Mer where little to no food was needed though her time had not come yet to know this. Traveling above without permission could be dangerous and uncertain, the need for food one of the things she hadn't assessed accurately. One of her friends that had Journeyed to the surface spoke of eating enough for two people when she transitioned into temporary legs. She couldn't align with the difference in body changes. It was like she was stuck and needed more physical energy for her limbs to adjust to the surface or she would have looked like the flailing Mermaid of human children stories unable to even walk properly. Sealana thought it was ridiculous at the time but now she saw her folly. She wouldn't be caught in such a state. Soon she was boarding that vessel but perhaps a small sea trick could help.

There were a few sea turtles near. Perfect decoy to distract the humans long enough for her to grab some of the delicious foods she smelled...

Mermaid Sealana is on her way.

Stay tuned!


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