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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Eleven

Updated: Aug 6, 2019


Devlin sat in his Den Office calming his senses to hear what one of the other Chief Leaders was trying to communicate to him from their dimension. It could be tricky trying to communicate and hear words coming from another dimension because Werewolf senses were so sensitive. If not careful, he would pick up every conversation traveling on the currents of air like a spider's web snagging its prey. Conversations, their tone and very emotion...even the hushed sounds would cling to his mind in a deafening way that could block out what he actually sought to hear, his Clan in the Werewolf Dimension. Most Werewolves couldn't pick up the conversation frequency unless physically standing in the dimension of choice, then it was possible to hear several communications at once unless someone purposely blocked them like the Mer People who used Water like a sound shield giving unscrupulous Wolf Men vertigo. When at odds, they tried to sense each other using different means though their alliance brought about a certain level of boundaries that neither crossed unless dire.

The Werewolf Leaders were all well trained to hear each other in Earth's dimension and others with discipline but in order to accomplish hearing they had to shift more fully into their Werewolf Form. Devlin sat motionless as conversation after conversation passed him by. Small impressions of people talking entered and left his mind. He could even smell the fragrance of someone's perfume and sense where they spoke from before he began weeding through it all. One by one, he pushed conversations away seeking out the one that he desired. After a few seconds, the air around him stilled then seemed to fly by rapidly in sync with his Change. His pupils shifted and his muscles expanded just enough for what humans called the animal part of him to connect though it was never truly separate, only unseen. The acute smell of nature touched his nostrils then he saw them...actual wolves in the forest. They began to pace then still themselves as if ready for a hunt, blocking out all but the prey that they sought. There was no prey but Devlin's altered presence brought about this ritual. Now, completely silent and focused, circling the ground, a hush opened releasing all human conversation from Devlin's mind. He saw the forest and then the sea before the vision and his mind lifted, piercings through to the Other-Realm, the dimension of the Werewolves. His pupils, charged with energy became dilated with the color of the wolf on four taking over. His fingernails released, turning into black claws partially drawn as his fangs emerged also.

I can hear you Raeyan, go ahead he said as the update ensued...


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