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Whispers of Atlantis * Part Eight

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Trouble started early as Sealana and the others set out to explore...

Appearing quite odd in clothing of antiquity, the Mermaids made their way not so quietly away from the beach as the smaller mer children became a bit fussy and excited. Sealana suspected they were still hungry and a little tired now. It took a lot to tire out a mer child but the tunnels to reach the surface were long. She didn't know how they made it all the way through but a surprise was waiting not too far below the sea that would reveal the source of the children's speedy travel...their pet seals. Dolphins weren't chosen because they would be sure to squeal and tell the children's secret as soon as their Mer Parents were spotted but seals were the best for playing and speedy sea travel without the threat of being caught.

The group happened upon an old cottage that they deemed a summer house but its occupants had long since abandoned the property. This is perfect Melody said almost falling down on the dilapidated steps.

This is horrible yelled Sealana. No people. No food. No excitement.

And no trouble reminded Melody.

See! This is why I look after you she smiled. I'm the sensible one giving balance to all the risk you take.

True said Sealana smiling back, taking a seat on the steps herself.

She was exhausted too though the abundance of energy that the younger mer children showed didn't make things any easier. In a crunch, their heightened senses would kick in but with no apparent danger, the younger kids at the moment had more energy and could walk with ease.

What can we do here Sealana asked looking up at the cottage? It was thankfully hidden behind a shroud of foliage, nestled between a path of boulders and pebbles that looked as if they use to be a walkway before time caused an overgrowth of plants and trees to cover over most of them. Thankfully the Mermaids had excellent eyesight out of Sea.

We can do a lot said Melody walking in...

Yes, a lot repeated Shelly as Corianna in turn repeated her.

I brought something with me because I knew you wouldn't be prepared...

Reaching for a small pouch that she had fastened onto one of the enchanted Seashells that bound it like a belt to her hip, Melody pulled out a small stone. It was a cross between a stone and a gem actually. As soon as it was released from the pouch, a small sound emitted from it causing Melody to hurriedly return it until she could remember how it worked. The stone was much quieter Undersea.

You're not supposed to have that on the surface Shelly said not really sure what it was but she knew that they weren't allowed to bring anything to the surface unless they were with a Sea Guardian.

It's my sister's. I only borrowed it. It has the power to restore everything in this room if we connect it to the magic of a seashell.

Undersea, I saw adults use it to keep rooms tidy. It pushes back kelp and is set with the corals and other building Sea Stones used for our homes. You never noticed Sealana?

Not really. It's a tiny stone but let's see what it can do.

Be careful Sealana said Melody as Sealana reached for the pouch. It's very potent and I don't really know how it will react here but it has the power to restore our building materials and maintain them below. It's a blessed stone from one of the Cities of Incandescence. That's why we don't have to rebuild often. Most of the deserted Under Cities were dilapidated on purpose.

Hmm. True thought Sealana. She knew she had learned this same information in their Sea Studies but she was too preoccupied most times to remember.

Only take it partially out of the pouch and give me one of your shells. I need a golden one said Melody. Taking one of the enchanted shells from her hair, Sealana placed it directly in front of the stone that immediately began to shift in color.

It reacts to each seashell differently said Melody but both the energy of the stone and the magic shell combined will restore the furniture. Watch!

As they both held the stone and shell, a ray of light appeared replacing the sound with a beautiful band of color. It filled the whole room as wall paper tattered and torn repaired and plastered itself against the wall and pictures righted themselves. Each item in the room was touched by light with chair coverings and cloth gleaming as if newly upholstered. The girls walked in every room that afterwards sat cheery and bright.

Thank Neptune they left so much here. It's all restored. Fresh beds and linens. Even silverware.

Whew said Melody plopping down on a couch!

Now, all we need are clothes from this era.

Yes agreed Sealana but our clothes at least aren't glowing like they do Undersea. I guess this atmosphere has something to do with it or the colors will eventually right themselves.

I don't know but we have another problem said Melody holding her little sister in her arms. What's wrong with her leg Sealana said examining the bright red marks?

It hurts Corriana yelled scratching incessantly.

She must be allergic to something but...

Before Melody could finish, the worse was already happening. Corriana's scales were returning covering every spot she scratched. Get her to the tub quickly rushed Sealana flying upstairs to fill the tub. The change has to occur near water. As Melody jumped into the bathtub with her sister, Corriana's dominant fin suddenly appeared completely but Melody's did not react to being in the water.

Normally we don't shift unless in Ocean water unless something is wrong. Corriana's little body was trying to help her. She won't shift back until her scales heal the rash.

How long will that take? I'm not sure but at least we weren't outside. She can rest in the tub for now. I'll stay with her.

Corriana immediately started swimming feeling completely comfortable again in the water even though it was only a bathtub. It took an hour for her to shift back with all traces of the rash gone.

All better she said smiling as Melody picked her up again. She must have touched something outside or the shift wouldn't have occurred again while we are still in the house. Be careful Cori. Don't touch anything when we go outside....

Well, things are just beginning to unfold...

Stay tuned!


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