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What Moves beyond the Mist...

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hallows Eve,

Hmm. It's just a small crack through reality but it's enough for them to peer through...

Yes, the Witches, Goblins, Werewolves, Faeries, Mer-kind and Elves all walk through in a sense. Oh, the Angels are aware as they are the very Ones that work with them also and play but on Hallows Eve things are a bit different...the energy that is.

It is enticing, hypnotic...almost irresistible to some who are seeking a different adventure or just want to know...what else is there, what else breaths, flies or jumps in the night.

The ability to slip over and just sink a bit into whatever is blowing in the veils...the veils between Worlds calls to all on the other side...the allure pulses and glows with the magical misty Moonlight that sits as only a sliver wrapped within the smoky dark sky yet it sings the most beautiful song. There is indeed a curtain you know. It sways ever so slightly back and forth edging the curious mind on.

Who's really curious you ask!?

Well, the Mermaids and all the Others are. It's not so much what's on the other side but what's in the veils. When the Veils between the Worlds of the Mythical and the Mortal part...several dimensions become visible for brief seconds or so it appears...that is until ones slip through. It only takes a little nudge, a small peek, one gentle step can pull back but once over you are in!

And so goes how many stories began of Mermaid sightings that seem to all at once disappear and the left behind clues of Dragons igniting and lighting their fires as the tiny fairies set their footprints in new places too before disappearing to be found no more...

Oh yes, they were here or maybe just an arm reached through or a leg. Once any part breaks through an impression is left. For only one second you on the human side saw something...felt a passing through of sorts occurred and many folds of the Veil rippled...somewhere outside of time, time began and moved again.

Somewhere many Mermaids swim, laugh and play. Somewhere the tiny fairies jump, leap and flutter by twinkling their lights through the night sky as the rainbows in their eyes sparkle anew.

Somewhere, yes somewhere this is all occurring as the Werewolf wanders in the dark too...

Hallows Eve is the Door for such play to begin anew as ones of Fantasy and Myth reach out with their sights set in many directions.

~So far...the Angel Door is all we know~

What's beyond the Angel Door!?

More Angel Doors! Our Cosmos are full of them as shimmering cascading starlight spills down lighting and igniting a pathway for many beings to travel as they crossover to enter different Planets. Many beings Travel the different dimensions using the Sky Ways as an enter and exit point but some areas and times are closed off such as during Hallows Eve. It is during this time when frequencies crisscross opening many Doors, some not meant to be accessed. They are called the Dead Zones. Complete utter blackness exists here with a false pulsing of light that can trick the unsuspecting or curious Traveler into walking through as scenarios play out that aren't true. In fact, it is the opposite that one gets trapped into experiencing perhaps for all eternity if the Angels can't get them out. On Hallows Eve a darkness of which no one knows the source of pervades certain areas, the Dead Zone is what one has been deemed to be called but it's actual name and reason for existing...maybe the Angels know.

Hmm, at any rate, no one is allowed to Travel there but some slip through accidently as they search for other places of fun beyond and within the Veils.

Caution is taken and the Angels set borders that offer a measure of protection but when One gets to close...

Hmm. Well. We'll see this year as darkness on Hallows Eve opens along with merriment...

There is a glimmer of hope for help if one gets too close along with Angels being hailed. Just at the edge of darkness before one tumbles through is another Door, a Shadowed Door. It sits as if floating in the Cosmos with no sign of movement occurring from it. Only Archangels have been known to access it and not often does one exit least seen anyway but He dwells there. He is more of a mystery then his Door.

Many speak of him but not many have actually seen him. Perhaps only in the shadows when his companions step out...called by the howl of the Moon to which they in turn howl back.

~Werewolf & his shapeshifting light wolves on four~


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