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Werewolf Mist*

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Eye of the Wolf


ŴÕĹҒ ĨŇŜĨĜĤŤ Enter the Eyes of the wolf. Move knowing who you are, with sureness and unwavering confidence like the wolf on four.🐾 Move steadily knowing that the stars move with your every move as the part that is unknown, beyond the glow of the Full Moon now Speaks its Mystery through the night.

WEREWOLF He/She comes from a Higher Realm with a locked Cosmic Door but they have been with us for a long time. The star information travels through the line of Human communications without ever being intercepted so we get the sense of an Angel Cosmic tone or frequency. A Werewolf Realm similar to the Lion Race exists. Werewolf extraterrestrial intelligence is here with us just like Angel Information but at the Crossover point all goes dark as the Wolf enters, teaching on a stream of light that we are familiar with. Often we sense Man's intelligence through the wolf on fours. The Star Being that resembles the Werewolf has an Akashic Record with much done on an Ethereal Level. Usually we don't get the sense of a Werewolf but we get information that is directly connected to the wolf on four as if the Animal is trying to communicate with us telepathically or passing along information in our dreams. Angels are tied to this also.

It is highly evolved information that integrates at the astral level with much of the frequency updating during dream time but much is utilized in different dimensions unlike Angelic Information that streams on a broader scale here lending to the thought that Werewolves are Mythical Beings perhaps unreal while Angelic integrated information becomes more accessible as downloads and updates that we feel and sense with Ascension. Werewolf Cosmic Information is very clear, very grounded and anchored but what we get from this Shapeshifter is star light transmissions that feel guided the same as the rest, to support our own thoughts of stepping into our personal power rather than focusing on thoughts of a Werewolf or Higher Being so you don't give your power away as you learn more about your own Star Heritage.


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