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Werewolf Eye

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The Werewolf Cosmic Eye takes us through a star tunnel...

His journey to our Realm was a long one but his wisdom has been with us for awhile.

From a Mystical Cavern surrounded by stars, his face appears but the cavern is very much physical denoting that the information he gathers is accessible and meant for our Realm but it exists in another time period suggesting a cross over in dimensions for us to enter the Cavern Opening.

The Werewolf is in Human Form as he acts as a Guide this day. He carries in his hand a crystal of a design unique to the Angelic Realm showing that he entered their Realm before coming to us as a Star Guide. The crystal represents Angelic Codes and Angelic Star Information that he is now aware of and carrying as an overlay to what he offers from his own Realm.

When teaching, the Werewolf shares both, Angelic Star Knowledge and Wolf Star Knowledge that has been with us during different Era's in time considered past life so it is Ancient Knowledge that we rediscover as we awaken with Ascension.

Today, the Werewolf Guide says look toward the sky beyond the clouds and see the stars clearly. They possess a language that speaks to us. We carry star language within us but we don't always connect to it. Our presence has written things predestined to occur so that we go about experiencing much subconsciously while a current of energy moves within us making us feel alive. It's like being on autopilot but speaking and moving like you are alert and fully aware and active with everything around you. The knowledge gained in the Werewolf Cavern is still lived in other Realms thus giving the picture of Ascended or Higher Vibrating Worlds. This higher energy that involves living within and instantly manifesting is not on our level but it is achievable says the frequency of the Werewolf. Some of the star knowledge is accessible only when we reach a certain energy vibration meaning we have to match the Door that we are seeking to open thus the Werewolf Guide or One of many Others- Faerie, Angelic, Mer Being or Star Human shows up. The Werewolf particularly teaches about Realm Traveling. In the Cavern today he says, you are here because you seek answers about you that you think are out of reach, within a higher energy such as your Akashic Record or you are on a journey of self discovery involving what you perceive as the dark corners of your mind, the unseen, subconscious/Spirit.

The Werewolf Star Guide shows us Angelic Star Books that are stored in the Cavern and coded for us to learn from. The knowledge is like a piece to the puzzle that we were putting together with a view toward integrating the different parts of ourselves, our other lives perceived as past. The Werewolf himself assists with the frequency of literal Space Travel so to walk with him would be to walk as our Higher Self that vibrates at the same frequency of the Werewolf and if matched, he will open his Star Door to you that stands near the Books that you have accessed. It is viewed as an ethereal level of Space Travel much like the Angelic Waves that move giving us pictures and visions of its features during dream time or during clairvoyant moments. For this Door to open or to gain the knowledge beyond it, all of our chakras have to be open and vibrating with an anchored or steady point fixed. It is the point beyond the kundalini energy where another body is achieved, a livable light body with mastered energy moving through it. This body is called in our terms, a Sensei at a level while other energy states that we achieve are called Avators as we learn to use and work with more energy that we awaken in ourselves. At our Human stage of development, we are considered as stepping into the Avatar Level meaning we can embody some of our energy but we are working on Mastering it and the level we work with as far as training and mastering is our subconscious level. So, the Angels and their support come into view again.

Otherworldly or Mythical Beings work with us on a very subtle energetic frequency as a lot of energy actually moves swirling around, integrating, shifting and whole lot of things says my tired mind.

Enough for now.

Let's talk soon!😊

And so the Cosmic Cavern Door slowly closes and the Moon shifts its phase again. We'll see what comes through next with our Earth Cycle of the Moon's Phases.


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