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Walking My Path.💫




Though I'd

still call it hallowed.

The path we walk as we strive...

Reaching for shards of light that seem to hide,

Between and behind moments of darkness and pain,

We lift ever so far up


the falls seem so ingrained...


our bodies,

adding weight.

My prayer this night is that this may be my fate...

That the life I was born to live remains etched in my skin,

glowing as a reminder

when humanness sets in.

Each cell. Each particle. Each thought within coming to life with it's own words speaking the Cosmic Language that my Spirit spins from above in the state where my Soul feigns sleep as death


before touching down, I am granted a rest,

as my dreams fill the air awakening my subconscious side...


To touch the light of the Moon and flow with the Ocean's tide.


~Mermaid Path~


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