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Vampire* First Light

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Darien inhaled and exhaled for the first time once stepping foot outside of his Coffin.

His eyes lit up a sheen lighter as he took in the energy.

The Sun. Shadow Sun...

It was the Sun of his dimension actually which wasn't of Earth nor of the Mortal starlight.

It now shined just slightly behind the Moonlight of Earth's World pulsing just enough to feed Darien.

It wasn't blood that he, a Vampire desired or took in but sustenance was required for those of his Kind to maintain strength and it was drawn though distantly from their World.

The hunts that did indeed take place were carried out for another purpose during a time of the Dark Ages of war in which many different types of Vampires existed and their fangs along with other things were used as weapons against those seeking to misuse the abilities of Awakening Vampires who had been captured and misled through suppression and amnesia.

Vampires had been on Earth for thousands of years but during those early days, the rise only took place in groups with the Vampires being in a very compromising position because the Shadow Light from their Sun was not yet strong enough for the strengths of their Kind to manifest fully but when they did emerge, some of their secret strengths had already been discovered and plans were underway to harness more before the exodus.

Today that was not the case as Darien took in another breath which was false according to human DNA but for his kind, it was energy and a testament to the fact that he was alive.

His heartbeat sped up beyond what was considered normal though undetectable and unlike any human pulse.

His skin reacted also, forming tiny microscopic particles all over him that made it superior against any known weapon. He wasn't impenetrable but the Knowledge of what could kill him didn't exist here nor was it easy to get to as long as his heart beat with the Light and Codes of his Planet and not a lust for power.

No one knew this of course as the Ancient Wars spread much that wasn't true and rather than growing in strength as they walked during the day, the Vampires had to hide by night and retreat in hidden coffins until they grew in number and until enough of their Shadow Sunlight came through for them to break free of the effects of the chemicals that stole and suppressed their memories.

It was a vicious and long battle but in the end, the Vampires regained their freedom and their birth rites though to this day, they still walked under the cover of the darkness of night...

But much was done by choice rather than weakness or evil that spoke through the pages written about them today.


Fresh air said Darien disappearing in flight into the night...


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