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...Vąmקıřɛ/VąmקıřɛŞŞ Oąŧɧ...

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


Draining your...mind

Taking my...time.

Pulling in closer


It's a mist maze.


Got you in a daze,

Tracking my prey

Levels away...

But smelling their fire.

Entrancing attire...


Spirit takes on a face

I set the pace.

Alive and Undead


It doesn't have to be.

I'll set you free

Just step into the web weaved.

Seek not the human reprieve.

A night of a day.

I'm the forgotten ray.

Angels may call.

But did you already fall.

After I will take my leave but,

You will receive...

A moment spun in darkness and light.

Humans did say yin/yang was sight.✨


I'll meet you to nite...


Rite through rituals

Speaking habitual...thoughts,

Of accuracies and faults,

Marking up space

Holy and placed

Sacred and stayed

To bring in the paved....way for light...

Well, am I not height

Risen from the ground to be born as you


But I breathe too

And in my own way

I speak of a day

And days returning again and again

As Source builds the matrix to spin

Making Gaia seem real

and me a Myth


Light says in degrees

Before blowing through knowledge of keys

And gifting all that came into presence life

I am the thought of the knife,

Wielded beside the sword of the Ancient Angel in knowing,

and power...

That others stepped through though it was called a human hour.✨


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