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Twin Flame Love

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Twin Flame relationships crackle with dynamic energy. They are supercharged, high vibrating partnerships that can also calmly glide through the Galaxy creating a path of serene starlight essence that we can open to, to embody that part of ourselves here on Earth with our partner as we allow the energy to gently filter in.

The Twin Flame energy can feel quite powerful but also it is very stabilizing when we slowly adjust to it allowing it to unfurl and reveal itself in ways that speak the language of love between partners in romance, day to day activities and as an essence that we carry singularly as an expression of love of Self.

It spins as energy and feels oh so magical, enlightening, lifting and rejuvenating.

It is the merger of One Heart through two.

Love is in the Air. Love is in the stars. Love spins in our hearts and opens us to a New World as we are the Cosmic Doorways shining the twin flame light as a path that dissipates not to break down but to become a part of the atmosphere surrounding us.


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