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The Beauty of Our Form

Does our Form matter!?

The Form or shape of how we express ourselves matters from a standpoint other than ego. The expression of the Form of who we are comes from our SOURCE CREATOR of life. It's how we distinctly show different energies of Source. On different Heavenly or Cosmic levels, we express and project our Form in different ways that Source has encoded in our Light DNA but we add to it, our unique personality at a level so, one creation/being can express the same thing differently which brings about unique and different chakra colors, aura colors, different Cosmic tones and sounds that herald the particular level that we come from(Different SOURCES are on each Level. Each level opens at different times so we introduce Source.) but the importance apart from ego comes in the fact that we are shining forth GOD/DESS'S LIGHT and acting as Ambassadors of SOURCE who speaks through our voice and appearance bringing through frequencies into different Realms. We are the instrument. On the physical plane, we express Form in a myriad of ways but I take physical with a grain of salt because what we view as ethereal or light shifts when we match the vibration, rising to perceive more. Also, Form is important as we express ourselves distinctly from Collective Light which is Form also but energy is carried in a different way as purpose is tied in. We express Collective Energy at a point and some viewed this in the past as the beginning of creation where an intuitive view of the Formless was shown with a Consciousness but it was Form as different body types and intelligence's became known. Our difference from Collective is that we can step down closer on the physical plane with purpose and exist with more of who we are showing so, more of who God and Goddess is shows though SOURCE shows himself in more of a Supreme sense, neither male nor female but both, not androgynous but beyond our Science Matrix. I use the term he because my Source is Poseidon and I felt the identity of Masculine but with a wholeness that rests with CREATOR SOURCES. There are many Sources and some did go through a division. We know this as Goddess or God Levels expressed in the Era's that we lived.


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