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{Pulled this one over from my old blog...}

Not a stranger to this World,

though perhaps this time period was different, He the strangest thing walking at the moment basically stepped through without any notice as the Moonlight itself pulsed fuller.

If one were to really look closer, they would see that the Moon wasn't actually the same color at all.

It even felt different, causing the hairs upon one's neck to stand up as if Werewolves straight out of a sci fi movie were approaching...

And indeed, something was waiting in the dark to meet the other forces that had come through with malevolent intent.

Often seen as the foe, much would be gleaned this time around as He awakened and walked again among Mankind though discreetly so for now.

He traversed the darkness of the Universe to awaken in light,

uniquely made to aid the side of the Angels even though they tread not on his path.

Still seen as a monster by some,

A seducer by others,

He was who he was.

A Mystery in the Night.

Of the Night.

A Shapeshifter of darkness with Transformational powers beyond what was even secretly written.


The Name alone brings forth fearsome thoughts but His story, still uniquely wrapped in mystery was just beginning to spill beyond the Mythical Page.


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