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Storytime: Werewolf

Updated: May 21, 2021

The Door to his Manor was always shrouded in mist, so much so that no one ever ventured close enough to see if the Castle was actually occupied. Not only was the ever present mist a deterrent but the single road leading up to his Castle or what was thought as the only accessible road was itself a twisting, winding dark path that stretched in part through a forest notoriously known to be haunted.

Not a glimmer of Sunlight could be seen there without the darting back and forth of shadowed creatures seemingly swifter then the wind yet not at all quiet as if it was known that their will and power alone reigned supreme. If not for their eerie sounds, the forest would still be viewed as ghost filled and haunted because of the sheer never ceasing howling of wolves that no matter how many traps were set out by curious land developers or the closest neighbors could ever be caught...

No. Nothing lingered here nor did anyone ever stay overnight for fear of what might manifest from the darkness.

Over time most forget how all the mysterious stories began but old wives tales passed down from generation to generation with a few variations here and there kept the stories of the haunted forest alive though many forgot about the Castle.

On the other side of the mist...

...was more mist but that was because that was how he preferred it. At anytime a welcomed guest could experience the mythical gardens that existed just beyond the Castle's first door that did in fact open to a wide expanse of manicured land filled with sunlight spilling over onto different seating areas placed throughout the grounds rather then the Castle itself though it stood in grand splendor just beyond the gardens seemingly in plain sight, appearing as if it belonged in a different time period but one not human at all as the banner of the Werewolf blew from its holder above the Castle Door encrypted in magic that another Werewolf could decipher.

The first Door of the Castle was a mere illusion as most else on this island and He, the Manor's Owner was quite comfortable with its mystique which afforded him all the solitude that a Werewolf required. He had lived for many lifetimes and had traveled fairly unnoticed as he interacted with Humans fighting for different causes secretly as the Wolf at times or learning human ways and customs at other times to all but disappear completely when he so desired. Not much pulled him out of his secret domain unless he simply wanted to experience a touch of the other side...humanity. Most if not all of his needs were taken care of on his own terms and on his own lands that did pulse with magic.

Exotic foods not known to grow anywhere near existed in his gardens where music sprung up from the very vines of the flowers that could sing at his command. Hidden canals and channels of water flowed all around forming the most lush of lands with waterfalls that parted to places that one could only dream of, that he had access to with a mere incantation spoken into the wind.

He experienced freedoms thought only stories of existing in the lifted Clouds of Zeus or swimming in Mermaid Waters swayed by Siren Songs humming with the energy of the Mythical Lands of Poseidon's Atlantis...children's stories brought to life through words and closed by the pages turned as the story came to its end with the book placed back onto the shelf to be forgotten as it collected dust.

Hmm. Curious he thought, what was believed or discredited by humans to be real or false. So long had he existed that nothing surprised him but every now and then as his stretch of time turned in the Mythical Realms did Poseidon and Zeus decide to bend a different energy his way for exploration through his Werewolf Senses.

Most often, he knew ahead of time the intended people he was meant to meet and what job lay before him that did or did not intersect with the Angels but once in awhile the slightest shift of the mythical stars created an opening that he knew for sure Neptune and Zeus allowed and Hermes recorded to be revealed when events reached their desired outcomes which itself led to many lifetimes and star mazes comprised of many many Worlds but small hints and dreams gave him clues that did in the Werewolf spark renewed interest.

At times he lived what many humans would consider a very dangerous life with one peril after another happening and at other times only the quiet of his lands swayed with him not interacting much at all in human affairs as past events could take a long time to settle in different dimensions but today...

Today his Werewolf senses picked up a different sound in the human World. It felt enchanted but it wasn't of his lands. It was barely audible to his senses which could pick up a lot but it drifted in and out completely disappearing at times then picking back up again. It was coming from the Ocean but its depth far below seemed to expand some type of energy that muffled his senses.

He hadn't been given a new assignment but it was part of his star job to stay alert at all times to the possible breach of Planet Earth by dark invading forces that sometimes tried to sneak in through cracks or fissures found in the Angelic Border Light Field surrounding Earth...built long ago. If there existed a breach of any kind he and the Angels located in the Risen Levels would be there to meet it. The Angels lived on Levels considered paradises to Man but to the human eye it could only be seen or interpreted as light thus the many writings of Holy Cities of Light and Angels existing in Forms of Light only with neither the desire nor the body type that could be expressed as physical able to eat or sleep. This wasn't true but the thought was allowed to live on as long as Angels could perform their work without hindering Man in any way. Werewolves were different thought Rayen, the lone Werewolf on this side of Earth today. He came here to work and would leave when his assignments ended which as of yet had not. His work was a bit different then the Angels and rather then existing on a different Level, he lived on Earth but was given a few Enchanted Books to live in comfort and secrecy while among Man. If a situation was dire enough, other Werewolves and Wolf Kind could be called through but this could bring about its own set of unique problems that the Angels didn't like so Werewolves when called to be Guardians in the Human Worlds often acted mostly alone or with more discretion then other Guardians who came in many Forms though most were classified as Angels. Werewolves walked the path of dark and light dangerously close to where the two became hard to differentiate and their methods when doing light work were quite different from the Angels. They disagreed at many times when both were called together in large groups but as long as the Guardian Light work took precedence over anything else Neptune and Zeus did not allow interference and both Angels and Werewolves lived out their lives as preferred with the Werewolves choosing to exist on Planets in different Realms other then the Milky Way Galaxy where Werewolf Starlight was harder to anchor. Often work was carried out as Angels requested because of the sheer volume of their numbers and their time and experience presiding over the protection of Earth...Gaia.

With thoughts swirling around in his head, Rayen's Werewolf senses were piqued. He'd journey out alone first to investigate the strange sounds then alert the first Guards of the Angels.

Out at Sea the Mermaid Spring continued to merge with Earth's waters.

Stay tuned as I build a new story.😊


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