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Storytime Continued...Werewolf*

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

{For the beginning of the Werewolf story go to posts under the tag: Mythical Story Door. Story began July 10,2020}

Rayen continued to walk with his wolves on four in the forest knowing that the witch he had almost encountered was now long gone...

He had heard the faint Circle chant that pulled the witch and her spell to another area probably far away from him since the Witches called him the Dark One...a title used for most Werewolves because no one truly understood them nor knew what they really were until they showed their Full Form. Before fully shifting, a Werewolf was still quite powerful but if he tried to push his strength for too long without shifting, his powers could turn inward and begin controlling him. No one wanted to see an out of control Werewolf.

The night in the Other World so far seemed to lag on as Rayen's mind turned with the events that took place on Earth's Mortal side. Nothing perplexed him more. What could pull on his strength without him knowing. It went against everything in him to allow a weakness to remain. He would find out who was invading Earth's human waters.


Alexi the Vampire was enjoying all that the Other World had to offer. A carnival of sorts was taking place by the Fairy Folk large and small with food, dancing, singing and magic tricks of all kinds being displayed as the fairies retold ancient stories of their travels to this World through an old collapsing portal. As entertaining as it was, this was not why Alexi was here. He was solely drawn by the essence of the Witches gathered here and what fun might be had with one willing to be bound for the night. Being was a Vampire invitation that only lasted as a fleeting experience but for that moment the willing Witch could combine some of her senses with the Vampire's to experience a blend of their energy. It was like a power high that spun out from the smoke and mist of the Vampire as it played on the desires of the one held but this was different from a Vampire using hypnotic energy to entice a Mortal. This experience was controlled by both and usually Witches and Vampires enjoyed the subtle games that they both played with each other as they sized each others abilities and vulnerabilities up with a few forming permanent partnerships as lovers forging a new course for the Vampire and Witch beyond the play for power thus creating the very different Vampire Bond.

Stay tuned...


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