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Storytime Continued: Werewolf

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

...With Alexi roaming free Rayen saw no need to stay in the library pouring through all the books on the millions of Sea Creatures lurking in caves below the first level of Earth's Seas. There were so many pockets and hidden tunnels closed by magic or guarded with a small hint of escape possible which did occur but most times the usual strategy was used. Allow a story to emerge of a sighting... It will eventually die down and a new or revived spin on the Loch Ness monster will occur. It was the best Angel strategy and most importantly, it worked time and time again as gentle giant beasts or roaring monstrous creatures were rerouted back to their own waters in the Other World. Some beasts or what was simply thought of as a beast by fearful humans in the past were actually quite docile as long as not provoked and many of them just like the Beings of the Other World were known by humans until the violent nature of the Seas and the chemistry change overtime caused a need for the Sea Life to be ushered into the more pristine waters that still held Sea Light, Neptune's gift. He and Zeus had not been seen in Ages but what they left behind still trickled with a bit of their energy. One drop of magical water fully lit and pulsing with Sea God Neptune's energy or a small ember of lightning bolt energy from Zeus was quite powerful. That's why none of the artifacts gifted by them remained out in the open. They too were guarded along with the meanings of why they were given which still fueled the Other World.

So, dragons still flew the skies and dinosaurs still trailed paths seeking new lands but they continued on in the Mythical Lands of the Other World.

All of this filled Rayen's senses as he looked out the window of one of the Castle's hallways leading to an exit. He had already pinpointed exactly where Alexi stood. The smell of the smoke that always appeared when Vampires popped through was undeniable. It was like a thin vapor that quickly evaporated but its smell lingered in the senses of a Werewolf creating an easy trail to follow if the Vampire couldn't camouflage it. They were masters at illusions and deception but Alexi knew that he had no reason to hide at the moment. A rule was that a Vampire called in the olde ways could enter a dimension, thus the myth about Vampires needing to be invited in. It was in part true and Rayen had called Alexi in but they were on the Other side for now and pinpointing one person's magic from another was very difficult. The Angels watched for certain signs and many of them were so Ancient that they had become very skilled at identifying certain telltale signs of Witches magic versus Faeries light or Vampires illusion.

At the moment magic was moving slow here as the Witches captured their spells for later use...


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