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Storytime Continued: Werewolf

For several days, Rayen remained puzzled though the odd sense of being fatigued left him. Rarely did he sleep much less feel lethargic. It simply wasn't usual for a Werewolf depending on which dimension they were in but generally on any of the Planet Earths, he was more so invigorated and on high alert for the bounty hunts that most surely would occur. Pulling a bottle of brandy from the shelf, he decided to have an evening drink while he waited for his guest to arrive.

Right on time Rayen said from the shadows in the corner of his study where he sat.

Well, you did invite me in returned Alexi pouring himself a drink before they settled into conversation.

Normally a Vampire could not enter the Human Mortal World but a unique trait albeit a quite dangerous one was that a Werewolf could pull Vampires and Vampiress' through to their side no matter the dimension but usually it was for the kill in the renegade wars otherwise they associated with one another in the Other Worlds to be discreet and safe, not Earth's mortal side and specifically it was a requirement of the Angels.

Even the Angels could not pull Vampires and Vampiress' through but they could step into their World and no one wanted a visitation from the Angels or a foe as one. In fact many treaties existed between the Angel Realm and other Worlds connected to this dimension of Earth.

In Rayen and Alexi's case, if Rayen could sense Alexi all he had to do was focus on the forest surroundings and the closest Portal Door to Alexi would open allowing him into the Mortal World but with only limited access. No human would be able to see him though odd sensations might flood them if Alexi came close enough to their aura and Alexi could only travel to Rayen's lands, the source of the Portal Door.

So, odd sounds coming from the Sea...

Perhaps one of the deep water beasts slipped through accidently though that would be very rare with the Faeries on alert. Nothing escapes to land from the water tunnels without one of their Guards seeing it. The Faeries patrol the forest ways and anything rising from the water and stepping one foot or tentacle on land would be noticed. Not by air either Alexi pondered...

The Angels have that covered, I know said Rayen but I did sense something different. Something unusual and it had an affect on me although a small one.

Well, I know how you feel about that! I've known you for centuries and still you keep secrets from me that I can't crack. Nothing affects you much nor pulls you out of your usual gruff nature.

That's not true said Rayen for the thousandths time and their usual argument ensued. Why was Rayen always alone. No one could get close to him especially with him living in a Castle built like a fortress.

Not everyone can play between energies and coerce people through shot Rayen...

That's not what my Kind does though there is nothing wrong with a little harmless interaction now and then said Alexi reminiscing about a few temporary romantic bonds that he had somehow finagled through with no intention of stopping though it was strictly forbidden by the Angels for any human to be seduced. Somehow the Vampires had over time found a way to ease some of the laws slipping in and out briefly before enough energy built for them to be caught to the Angels anger. This was one of the reasons that the Vampires were so bound to their dimension. Just like they found small ways to slip out, the Angels found big ways to link them more fully to their Realms so that the least amount of so called harmless mischief would be caused.

Hmm, I would think that you were blushing if you could said Rayen looking up from a book at Alexi.

Fond memories though only too short said Alexi before examining the book himself.

Well, it's definitely not that laughed Alexi...if it awoke, every Angel assigned to this area would be aware. The sound it makes is way too loud he said before flipping the page.

But there are a ton of Sea Creatures that could in fact slip through if a particular portal opened, there are thousands undersea continued Rayen determined to find the source of the sound coming from the Sea.

Well for now all is quiet said Alexi feigning tired but really he was hoping to stretch the Wolf Bond a little to sneak out for a bit but that might not be possible with Rayen's Bond and the myriad of alerts set on Vampire Visitations.

We can keep looking said Rayen pouring through the book. There are more books that we can pull from my other library....

Great yelled Alexi a little too excited but Rayen knew why. He was hoping that he meant the library in his Castle on the side of the Other World where there was sure to be a Witch or two out for the night casting of spells. As a Vampire, he hated spells but the Witching hour was the best time for one such as himself to find a few delights in the Other World and for Rayen and all his serious ways to come across a few answers.

Let's go jumped up Alexi with Rayen knowing exactly what was on his mind.

This is serious said Rayen whistling his wolves on four near. Be on alert for any clues or anything that may be spilling from their World into this one. Less play and more work he said with the same serious look that he always gave his forever restless friend who was one of the greatest paranormal detective when a case caught his attention long enough.

As soon as they entered the walls of the other side of Rayen's Castle in the Other World, Alexi briefly disappeared as the bond holding him to Rayen relaxed a bit because of the slacking of restrictions on this side though if gone too long Rayen would simply track him but finding him wouldn't be too hard even without the Wolf Senses with all the Witch Sparklers going off. Alexi was sure to be standing under the first descending Witch light as many would gather to see the results of their spells now falling to the ground. Very similar to fireworks, hundreds went off in the sky over the hills of Celestia, the main forest housing several Covens of Witches. Celestia once stretched far into the Human Mortal World when access was open. Now only a mysterious mist remained as a dim path for one to follow if a secret Door opened but not much moved as of late meaning quite a few Centuries as all of the Worlds of Myth and Legend remained hidden and buried behind many secrets as one war after another was snuffed out before reaching Earth's Mortal side that still crackled with magic of its own in its infancy. Protected by Angelic law, nothing touched the untapped magic of Earth or interfered with its rise. The Other Worlds were full of magic in different stages of growth with much of it moving freely all over the place without any binds which could be good or bad depending on the ones using it and how far the magic reached. Much moved in enchanted ways without limit here which brought about a few adventurous stories and some not so wanted outcomes as Wizards learned to wield their wands and Witches became experienced with their spells. Too as magic moved did the Werewolves come out of their dark lairs and the Vampires and Vampiress's rise from the shadow dwellings with so much happening all over that the Angels felt it was better to keep the Realms closed until the last path of the renegade wars was found with no further threat presenting itself in mass like the last attempt that caused all Portal Doors between dimensions to be closed and guarded. It was an unleash of magic that spilled several spells at once bringing out many villains all too eager to usurp power. This was how many Kingdoms of the past were built in the Human World with no one the wiser that a renegade alien had actually breached Earth space. This happened more often than Humans could ever expect causing many problems between the Human Mortal World and the Mythical World when both were open to each other because no one knew who to trust or who was human or alien with many disguises and attempts to steal power made. Magic would spring up then all of a sudden disappear until someone happened upon it again with the results being all too many times that the magic would fade and weaken adding even more time for it to recover and pulse with life again whether it was the Faerie magic which was very closely linked to Earth's Mortal side, Warlock and Witches Spells cast by prisms of Sun and Moonlight of the Other World or Human energy of the Mortal World that for this Earth was just beginning its spark through the Enchanted Star Maze that was connected to all Beings discovering who they are through the designs of the Cosmos.

All are magic and have a myriad of ways of showing it! This story is in the days of the beginning of magic revealing itself to humans as Earth spins in all her splendor with many stepping out of the dark shadows to protect her and her denisons who surprisingly are of the Mortal Coil and of the Mythical Other World.

Stay Tuned!


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