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Storytime Continued: Werewolf

Updated: May 21, 2021

...Rayen walked around his Manor more confused then ever as he wondered if his Wolf Senses were failing him for the first time. A yawn escaped his mouth as he went over the same scenario in his mind...

He heard a foreign sound coming from the Sea and even felt a tiny vibration once upon the sand close to shore but it faded the instant he heightened his senses to see if he could identify the exact location that the sound was coming from. Even after an hour of waiting...nothing surfaced except the tiny nagging feeling that he was forgetting something. He had planned on staying longer but his senses began to go in overdrive. Had a human happened upon him, he might not have been able to hide the Change at least in part but any part of seeing a Werewolf would be scary. Never had his senses heightened on their own unless danger was near but nothing moved but the crashing Ocean waves. He had to give up for now but perhaps in this case he would call a Shadow Walker who had become one of his best allies and a close friend though to some, a Werewolf and a Vampire were meant to be fierce enemies or so the human fables was another story in the Angel Archives though the link between the two Races remained a mystery.

Shadow Walkers better known as Vampires and Vampiress' were great paranormal detectives in the Other World because they lived between dimensions, not actually in them unless a particular bond was formed with a Mate who could be of any race but once bonded, the Vampire or Vampiress had the same access to the World that their Mate had as long as they were tied together by blood...this is where the myth of blood sucking Vampires came from though blood was never drunk, it was shared as the Shadow Walker latched onto the energy of their Mate making them One. Vampires and Vampiress' remained bonded for life and if a Mate was killed, the Vampire or Vampiress became the worst enemies ever imagined with their ability to slip between Worlds effectively capturing ones minds in their dreams pulling them into nightmarish hallucinations that fueled the dark side of their dimension. Once trapped or entangled enough, the Shadow Walkers brought about their own way of justice by having Court by the Elder Vampires in their World if you didn't die from the journey taking one from one landscape to another that could be real or not depending on if the Vampire could still siphon enough blood energy to slip into your World. Nevertheless, the Angels at all cost didn't want this type of fighting to occur because it weakened the border between Worlds which could allow a Vampire of devious intent opportunity to slip through further fueling the stories of Vampires and bloodlust because a villainous one would bite a human temporarily bonding them only for the access it would allow in the human World...

Soo much went on that humans didn't know about but were protected from...many so called Creatures of the night did in fact exist as sure as Rayen himself...a Werewolf existed and stood in this human side of Earth...

Moments earlier as Rayen walked away from the shore, shadowy figures swam below the waves darting swiftly below into the deeper part of the Ocean, avoiding contact with the Werewolf before the temporary amnesia song wore off of him.

~He wasn't as affected as most said One taking note of Rayen's moves. He is not human said another as their Mermaid Forms became clearer once they were far enough below near the crack in the submerged Mountain.~


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