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Storytime Continued: Werewolf

Through the darkness of the forest, Rayen walked, wolves on four beside him, intent on getting Alexi to get back to work. So quiet were his steps and shadowed his Form moving somewhere between the energy of shifting and remaining in the appearance of a human man that a bit of Witches Magic almost landed in the path directly in front of him which their magic never did. It always created a path directly toward the Witches Ring which is a patch of space completely still, seemingly frozen in time and meant just for the recapture of the magic. It lasts only for a few moments giving the Witch enough time to fully charge her spell before sending it in its intended direction or shifting it into a different form for later use as a bottled potion that could be bartered or sold. Witches Magic was used for barter in the Other World quite often though everyone knew they never gave the full strength nor all the details of how to truly acquire full command of their spells.

A Witch must have been near for a spell to fall so close to Rayen but he kept walking as if he didn't notice it even though a snake formed in mid air capturing the magic before it could break free to manifest into something new. Perhaps it was an apprentice Witch but in any case, the magic was gone now somewhere wrapped up in the belly of the snake until the Witch uncoiled it. She never showed herself perhaps being cautious around the owner of the Castle who never really came out much but Rayen moved on anyway without giving it much thought since it had nothing to do with the mystery on the Mortal side of Earth. He knew that many in the Other World questioned who and what he really was since not many knew that he was actually a Werewolf and the few that had seen him change never lived long enough to speak of it. Rayen's purpose for being here was secret as he worked as an elite Guardian traveling through many dimensions and traversing many bent timelines to catch galactic criminals. Witches held many keys to ancient knowledge and the stories that revolved within them spanning lifetimes but the story of the Werewolf was never told. Vampires and Vampiress' feared them. Angels hired them as Galactic Bounty Hunters for difficult captures but never fully trusted them because no one knew what side a Werewolf would actually choose since they were not bound by the code of honor that lit every Angel sword and Witches couldn't bind them with spells once they shifted into their Werewolf Forms. Too much of a mystery even to themselves, the Werewolves retreated to their own hideaways on Planets as they sought to understand their own Kind and place among the stars, coming out only when adventure called or for star work at a price. Rayen's journey began long ago. A bit restless himself at the time, similar to Alexi he moved on whims going where he wanted to and doing what he wanted until traveling with no real purpose lost its joy and fighting for no true cause soured. He had obtained much wealth working as a Galactic Bounty Hunter for hire and even trained a few younger Werewolves for the star hunts but he began to be seen as more of a dangerous liability by the Angels until a different discipline set in. Perhaps it was age or a weariness of fighting that changed him but either way he became more of an official star bounty hunter rather than being seen as just as bad as some of the criminals that he caught though he still worked on the edge between darkness and light because at anytime he could just leave an assignment and go in his own direction regardless of what the Angels wanted. This was what caused a bit of a divide between Angels who performed their star work without fail at all costs and Werewolves whose loyalties were often questioned but usually things worked out particularly since Neptune and Zeus gave final word of what was Light Work and meant to be heralded as an honor or what was meant for Hades to claim as a descent into his dark Realm.

Werewolves hadn't as of yet found a Cosmic Portal strong enough for them to pull energy through that could maintain their World or allow them to step through in great number like the Angels who patrolled Earth and already existed in the thousands but they did exist and enough of them had slipped through to form several small Dens in the Other World that no one was aware of.

Stay tuned!


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