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Story Pull from my Old Blog Space Entitled: Neptune*

Echoing sounds of the Ocean encased in sky gray and white clouds send streams of words that begin and pause as if Sea God Neptune's very voice is pushing the waves forward with life as he views it. It radiates power but sends the thought of gentleness as something beyond the look of the waves moves. Foundation and newness are it's ancient language as the breadth of it sits above in the expanse of it's Cosmos as Sea God Neptune says I Am... And creation begins anew as the Ancients and Master Rays spin creations with Neptune's Eye and the Sea and Sky merge again with land in between. It is Neptune's Voice and promises as everything looks the same but words go up and settle to be born as one more Ancient than time looks on, Cronus. A mystery of mysteries and a heart within a riddle still yet unborn. I speak no more as I settle into the cradle of the stars to watch for the surprises meant to unfold as Infinity gives it's gifts again and Ouranos lays the sign. And sign after sign unfold.*


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