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Story Door~ Werewolf🌙

mermaidheartlight ŴÊŘÊŴÕĹҒ

He came again, entering my dreams, pushing forward more and more. On silent surefooted paws he jumped through, awakening me from my slumber, but I was already awake. The Second Sight. It tapped more and more and I knew that this was no dream. He was real. With teeth like piranha that shifted into two huge fangs and black claws that seemed to grow, he, now more Man than animal or somewhere in-between faded back into his chair shrouded in half darkness with only enough light showing to be sure that I saw him as the Man and as the coming Wolf. My pulse grew stronger with each minute that passed, each second that he sat between here and there willing me to see him. They aren't real whispered my mind but my breath still grew unsteady. Hmm. Full Moon. It wasn't quite but it was cool and at the darkest hour of the night when the Moon could spill its secrets. The Vision faded but not quickly giving me enough time to form a trail of thoughts that continuely led me back to him... The Man in my dreams that stepped into reality with a force stronger than anything I ever felt before and a mystery that would unravel much of what I knew I never really believed. ŴÊŘÊŴÕĹҒ tђєгє คгє ๏tђєгร ๏ยt tђєгє. ✨🌙🖤


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