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Spirit Whispers on the Wind* Wolf Spirit

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Mythical Door opens...

... just a bit as ancient frequencies continue to move. On our side of the world, the wolves on four become alert moving about in the darkness as their natural habits dictate but more stirs in the air than can be seen as energy on the otherside of the veil moves also. It is the wisdom of the Wolf Guardian speaking now.

From a distant Realm they come but they have been here for a long time. Like many other Guardians such as the Guardian of the Fae and the Guardian Angels, they speak through the stars. Our senses pick up the star messages in a myriad of ways.

Today our focus is turned toward the Moonlight and the wind.

The Moon's glow mesmerizes us bringing to mind Ancient Mystery Schools that seem as only a product of our dreams now.

Did we live a pastlife somewhere that touched this reality?

As I gaze at the full moon, it feels soft, clear and strong. It streams clarity to me through the coolness of the night as I stand for a second embracing eternity.

A soothing vibration enfolds me as I say a silent prayer before the curtain of night wraps me in its cloak for a good night sleep.

And I dream...

Spirit breath.

Misty gaze.

Starlight slumber


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