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Special Feature* Far Above Rubies Ministry

Good afternoon Everyone.


Today we have a great guest- Far Above Rubies Ministry, a YouTube Channel featuring the wonderful insights of Ms. Simone and her words of wisdom meant to inspire and bring together all in need of a little faith with a touch of warmth and kindness.

Her passion and love for women valueing themselves and standing strong together in faith and as sisters shines through as she discusses...The 17 Characteristics of the Proverbs Woman.

Please join in and watch the video below.🙏🏻

My Thoughts*

I thoroughly enjoyed Simone's kind warm energy. She encourages others through her beliefs and has a passion for people healing. I myself enjoy meditating by my water fountain or by a candle but also, I like to look up scriptures and ponder over what they mean to me. I believe reading scriptures is healthy along with meditating to allow God/dess's thoughts in for balance and soundness to hold sway.

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