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Repost from 2019~ Mermaid's Door Guide*

Mer Intuitive


It's so wonderful to meet you! Fresh into this new space, it feels good to be here as I continue my endeavors to bring the Mermaids and Mermen into our Realm along with peeks at the Faeries, Angels and dare I say the quite elusive and oh so mysterious Werewolves.

What do you believe?

Does your mind say...could they be real!?

Oh so many people wonder! In small whispers and hushed voices, many speak of things that might be categorized as fanciful or imaginative thoughts. We daydream and seem to slip into other Worlds full of colors and insights that dance through our minds and momentarily capture our attention but...

Does a door actually open!?

Here, we will delve into that question as I share my personal experiences, thoughts and dreams.

I'm in-between spaces as I move from there to here:-) Bear with me and feel free to take a look at the writings already posted on my blog also entitled Mermaid's Door. Some posts I will shift here as I continue my Journey with Mermaid Insights.

Until Then,

Let's discover some new things and revisit some old things together!

Mer Light,

~First Blog Space~

Mermaid's Door Link:


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