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Below the darkness, in the deep Ocean waters where no one expected anything to happen, the Mountains shifted. This was the sign of Zeus heralding the news that his Lightning Bolt was near as was his brother Poseidon who lit the waters to speak his Name ushering forth the powerful sounds of the Sirens and their counterparts, the Sea Guardians among the Mermen who were the Land Watchers risen to shore Centuries ago in secret. This Day, Poseidon's Words lit up as if a returning had occurred and Atlantis glowed again. Had it ever stopped asked Poseidon. At first sound of his Voice, strange Ocean Creatures emerged never seen before. The land on the surface spoke its own story as Poseidon listened.

What is this Day said He but it wasn't really a question. Even the air shifted as Poseidon waited.

The Angels blew their Celestial Horn in wait to meet Poseidon and Zeus opened the Clouds in the usual fashion. Time said Poseidon. My World rises now.

What has become of the whispers in the wind Poseidon said. No one knew Earth's Air was enchanted. The Faeries standing Guard paused everyone in their Realm to silence. The Silver Ray Moves.

Just giving a little tidbit about my second book as well as the first since it continues the story. RINGS OF ATLANTIS


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