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Our Star Heritage

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

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Creation light used to bring forth the Angels is a brilliant white. Angels are born fully encoded with their star knowledge thus they move very purposely and are extremely work oriented. They beam light toward us that is very powerful. They form levels to bring through different degrees of light and title each level and Angel according to the amount of light that can flow through from each level. We recognize them through their light.


հմʍɑղ ՏԵɑɾӀíցհԵ

The Human star code is embedded within the Angels who watch over us like a younger creation. Often we pick up Angel codes and this forms the tie to work, we work along with them. The Human Star Archives are protected and guarded by Archangel Michael who created a specific star for it. Our light transmissions and downloads come from this Archive during our astral or dream state. We receive or pick up different Angelic Assignments from here and feel it as a sense of our star duty or mission on Earth to dispense this information in written dissertations that open up the channel to speak about star information again. We are assigned different Angels that look after our wellbeing. We display different colors on the Astral level that identify what level we are working with or are from(we are comprised of a different light make up than the Angels and come into creation actually on a different level known as a younger Galaxy but we identify with the Angel level where record of our birth is stored)thus the different colors of our aura and chakras when they spin which can change in color during the spinning process as they open more. At the Human Star Level, we wear uniforms similar to those shown on the TV series Star trek. Each Human Star Level has an Angelic Guardian at command similar. We are familiar with Archangel Michael, Sananda, Lord Ashtar Sheran and High Priest Adama from writings that speak about Galactic Command and Mount Shasta/Telos, Inner Earth. Cosmic Light filters around us thus again giving thought to our auras and its beautiful colors.


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