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Our Hearts Rise

From within the heart, We flow out. Speaking and sharing all that we feel and all that we touched with awe and joy. We share from our hearts and are excited to do so. Your vibration is undeniable. What remains with you from the beginning!? The beginning of you saying, here I am. This is who I am. Since 2012 there has been a building and opening of energy. We gained massive access to knowledge. It was as if Cosmic Knowledge was simply waiting to pulse through in a way that was more fluid and connected to us revealing ourselves as Masters who embodied light and the skills to read and move light so that our next journey or phase in life would be that which opened the way to advancements in technology and a better quality of life leading to what we would probably term the next level or Ascension. We are anchored/grounded and whatever we feel deeply connected to as representing our authentic selves is glowing outwardly. Whatever was dormant within us around 2012 or what was revealed as a new talent remains with us as energy whether it sits subtly as something we privately and slowly explore or became our new way of expression creating a new picture of how we present ourselves. It could be the way we speak, the direction and tone of our conversations or a new job/ new offering that we shifted into. It could be a shift that took on an individual tone or collective as we now move with a new circle of friends. Each case presents a different energy from before that is us saying...this is who I am today. This is who we are this Aquarian Age. We are adding our part, our energy to the broader stream of Light that permeates our whole World. Continue to offer your light and be who you are because this connects to the next person and so on bridging all of our Joy together. It is a difficult time at present but we are strong, we are supporting each other and we are Love in motion and in stillness when no words are needed, only our eyes vibrating with the glow of our Spirits.


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