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Mythical Atlantis Pulses Today

Even the name evokes thoughts of magic, higher knowledge, a bit of mystery and it opens our thoughts to a time when the vibration of a higher spirituality seemed in its stage of birth.

Ancient Atlantis.

What do I sense intuitively?

First, what came through was the thought that there were two Atlantis', one whose presence was just behind the other. The Atlantis that sat just a bit in mystery or behind the veil was the one where Poseidon's Energy existed on a more palpable level. From here, Poseidon sent thoughts of who He was and created the frequency that we can feel on this side of Earth that was the guiding force for the ancient knowledge and teachings that are associated with Atlantis and its pulse of Spirituality.

This hidden Atlantis would be considered ethereal. The influence of Mer Beings and their unique relationship to water would be there because of Poseidon who is the God of the Sea but the thought of Atlantis is streamed to us from the standpoint of many different lands and governmental systems ruling together as one so Atlantis becomes more expansive and spread out as it embodies more than one Kingdom with the foundation being a very high vibration that settles to reveal a very human picture as the frequency sent out from Poseidon's Mythical Underwater Atlantis continued to flow with Cosmic Knowledge that anchored itself to create the model for a Spiritual Temple that held a very high frequency whose origin began as extraterrestrial with the purpose of imparting Sacred Advanced Knowledge.

As higher frequency was sent out and took shape, Spirituality settled in the background as the foundation while the extraterrestrial presence became less expressed for knowledge to be passed on as the main focus without attachment so cultures could thrive and grow from the teachings with sort of a blue print for a higher vibrating World without feeling the energy of being taken over or copying another. Expansion and love were the driving energies as well as freedom, happiness, enthusiasm for learning and embodied a vastness that reached into the Heavens.

Here, we begin to see the vision of Atlantis coming to us from land rather than the picture of Poseidon's Oceanic Mythical Kingdom though they are connected. Poseidon does much in his form with legs when visions come forward of Atlantis but just beyond that form is his Image as Mer.

Atlantis eventually became more of an energy that influenced many civilizations rather than an actual physical place. It can be likened to a Mother Society for us as it was the birth place of much of what filtered to us.

Many thoughts of spaceships, star travel, time travel, dimensional leaping came from Atlantis.

Many different Worlds and life on these other Planets...advanced civilizations had connections to Ancient Atlantis. These advanced Worlds exist in higher dimensions to our eye and they were models that still connect with us today intuitively through dreams and visions from our sixth sense. Some once connected to Atlantis left to live in other dimensions but returned as Guides that we might sense as Angels.

Atlantis is a term seldom used in Angelic Teachings today but the energy of Atlantis still exists and is carried by Star Beings who work in the Angelic Realm. We might sense hybrid beings who appear somewhat human in visions. We might get the thought of higher humans. We might sense beings who don't appear human at all but the common thread are the teachings that come through.

Many star beings fade into the background taking their features with them so that what clearly comes forward are the Cosmic or Angelic Messages. Personal preferences, star life and other unique things about Star Beings that we might be interested in aren't expressed much unless it is used for our advancement spiritually. So, many layers exist that we are learning about that still hold importance today as we come back to the term...

You are the ones that you have been waiting for.


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