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Morning! ☀🌞

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

~Settling into my Friday Energy.

Setting the mood.

Relaxing as I move away from the work week and enter into the flow of the weekend.~

My week wasn't bad at all. This was my second week at my new job. It was enjoyable. I'm still getting used to my new assignments and settling into my new space but I like it, I might almost say that I love it but my heart is still more with holistic work. I loved being a massage therapist and felt more at home with the teachings and overall energy of the work but my current job is a good learning experience and it fits with my current environment.

How about you!?

Where did you settle when Doors opened!?

Are you in a new space?

Or is your Cosmic Door still opening? It might have cracked open a bit.

Whatever the case, you will know.

But don't worry about it.

Just let Friday unfold into Saturday as the weekend opens and enjoy what your higher self reveals!✨


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