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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Mermaids step forward from their Shimmery Oceanic Stars...

What do we look like...!?

They answer the question that has been asked for many lifetimes.

We Mermaids can appear to humans through the Earth elements so you might see us through the Water molecules as a shimmery light that gives off the faintest image within the Seafoam and churning waves. You might liken our Form to that of the Faeries because we can become visible through the elements but we also resemble Angels being of a very light essence.

We like adorning ourselves in beautiful garments and jewels the same as humans do and we can wear clothing current to the times that we appear in so you might sense us wearing hair pins, bracelets and necklaces made of seashells or jewelry that gives off a glimmer of color connected with the Sunlight, crystal jewelry.

To you, we appear very light in essense and barely seem present. We arrive on a frequency of light that we can travel on from our Realm as we enter many different dimensions sharing Sea Light. We do wear tops that are of a very light material. The clothing styles that we Mermaids wear are unique to each one's taste and many styles can be displayed. Our fluke and fins are covered in clothing that is of the style of our home waters.

So, if you catch a glimpse of us, you might see us appearing much the same as you in modern tops or you could see us wearing clothing styles that fit the shape of our fins though we don't always cover our lower halves because they already have the perfect covering from Poseidon, our colorful scales.

We often wear our hair long and it too can reflect the colors of the Sun like a rainbow.


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