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People think that Mermaids are most associated with water but they are more associated with Crystals. Crystals are of a vibrational match comparable to their energy. When working with water, the Mermaids connection to it is on a different level that could be termed Mythical or Enchanted but it is a different Science then we are currently aware of. The Oceans Mermaids work with is similar to Light. Crystals offer a vibration that Mermaids can utilize for communication where we sense/see their scale and fin colors.

So, Mermaids aren't an embodiment of Crystals but they send Images/Visions of themselves through them.


ʍɛʀʍaɨɖ ʄɨռ ʄօʀʍ 🧜🏽

The Mermaid Fin Form that some consider half human, half fish serves a purpose.

The Mermaid's Fin🧜🏽💫 is representative of their true Make Up/Form. The appearance of their Upper Half in the likeness of Humans represents their Oneness with us. The Full Merman/Mermaid Form has not been seen on Earth.

What do they actually look like?

I don't know. Poseidon said...I am Heart Light with a Fin. I heard this intuitively.

So, the fin is always part of the Merman and Mermaid's body type in essence. They are not half human, half fish. They are Mer Beings with their body blueprint hidden while they project the Human Form. How many relate to Mermaids on an emotional level? Perhaps you are connected to them bringing Mer Energy to Land from a pastlife experience. Today is a different time but your purpose might still be the same and coming full circle. Announcing that you are a Mermaid isn't the point but continuing this Earth Journey understanding your feelings toward certain energies and elements is. It's all part of acceptance also of who you are deeply within and through the many parts that makes you you.✨


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