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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

From the dark Ocean waves...

... She rose.

Speaking in a forgotten ancient dialect of Atlantis, her words accompanied by a deep Sea Melody instantly calmed the rippling waters revealing who she was.

A Siren.

How did she get legs? The Angels wondered as Michael was alerted.

She appeared harmless enough but if a dimensional gateway had opened, she would not be use to the customs of this day nor familiar with the Mermaids hidden in the depths of Earth's Ocean.

Atlantis had left long ago with no Mermaids of that era remaining.

It could be a sign from Poseidon or something else. If she appeared on the surface, were other Mermaids of Atlantis coming?

Archangel Michael would have to travel to the most distant star archives to get answers to the building mystery of the foreign Mermaid now familiarizing herself with Earth's lands and a particular part of the Ocean that seemed to hold her interest for some reason.

Was Atlantis actually gone or did a relic remain that could open the Atlantis Portal again?

This mysterious Mermaid might hold the answers if Archangel Michael could bridge the gap between her time and this one where the last sign of Atlantis was it's fall.

Stay tuned as this short story builds...


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