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Mermaid's Door

Card: Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish.

She is a metaphor. She is a mythical mystery. She is a Sound of the past with firmly etched light in the future.

The Sea Siren.


They whisper to us through the Ocean breeze. It is an Enchanted Sea Song. It is a rhythm dating back to the transmissions of Poseidon thought buried with Atlantis. The sound exists somewhere in-between...another dimension. It is the Eye of the Mermaids, their strength, wisdom and guidance coming to us through Cosmic Music.

We reminisce of them once existing on Earth, we fantasize of catching a glimpse of them today and we just might through our intuition. The Mermaids gently guide us to their path through Visions and colorful dreams filled with Ancient Mer Wisdom.

As their Watery Door opens, shimmery light pours through and we feel the very thoughts of our heart laid bare as the magical World of the Mermaids unwinds our tensions and eases our minds as we slumber.


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